Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 14 - Munhava B - Junk Food by Better Taste Bureau

"What it is yo?''

How is everyone doing?! From the updates it sounds like summer is already romping with fun. Devily, I hope that the RVing trip is going great! For some reason, every time I picture you guys in the RV I think of “We're The Millers”.... hahah. S/O to Jensen, Evie and Haddie for graduating Pre-School. I can say that coming from the High School Pre-School Dropouts, that we are proud of you guys. And I hope that all the other planned vacations coming up soon end up being epic.

As for me, Elder Nelson and I are working like Burton Guster and Shawn Spencer trying to get Munhava B popping. Lots of long days, walking and trying to find some new families to teach. But, we are teaching some pretty great ones already!

Jose and Lucia are making a better comeback story than Rocky IV. Elder Nelson and I ended up dropping them at the start of this transfer because they hadn't been coming to church and stopped progressing. But... the past two weeks they have come to church AND yesterday they were early which is practically unheard of. We are also teaching the family of Albino and Mazinha. Albino was contacted by Elder Nelson in his first area but we never received his number. The last week Elder Griffeth and I were together he approached us in the market and asked if we had some time to talk about Joseph Smith. I fastened up my tie and Elder Griffeth slicked back his already slicked hair cause we thought this dude wanted to rumble but all he asked was if the first vision actually happened and we told him YES it did and he responded with, ''How do I become a member of this Church?'' So Elder Nelson and I have started teaching their family. They are already making sacrifices to be married and baptized. On Saturday, we did a division with some members in our ward and Elder Nelson visited a new family and they came the next day to church. Always the dopest dope when that happens. And last but not least we have Orlando and Graciete. They were a reference from a now reactivated family in our ward that we have been teaching. Orlando, during a visit this week, expressed some doubts that he had about baptism and how life after would be. Sketchishly, we taught them the Law of Chastity and it could have not gone better. They accepted to start preparing to get married and he said he is not sure when, but he is certain that they will be baptized. Before leaving that visit he congratulated us saying that many other missionaries from other churches have tried talking to him before and never before had he opened the door for them let alone his heart. He said that he has felt this Gospel make changes in his life through praying and trying to read the Book of Mormon.

I am so grateful that this Gospel is a Gospel of changes. I am so thankful for the chance I have every day, to see this Gospel bless and change the lives of others for the better. I know that this Gospel has changed my life and that because of that change nothing but happiness and blessings have instinctively flocked like the salmon of Capristrano hahaha.

Love and miss you all so much! Have a great week! Always remember that this church true like ''Paul Pierce, from the 3 boi!''


Elder Chipman

There isn't pictures this week.  The computer Elder Chipman was at this week wasn't letting him access to his photos.  So, hopefully there will be lots of pictures for next week's post. 

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