Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 7 - Chamanculo A - "Power" by Big Sean

What it is?!

It sounds like summer has actually hit in Salt Lake and what a coincidence cause it feels like winter has hit here haha. But it sounds like last week was a rager, s/o to Burke and his little league team, s/o to Teags, Haddie Girl and Wrenly on their dance recital, s/o to all the kids who finished school, and s/o to Diem, who will be getting baptized this weekend, can’t wait to see the pics!

It was a good ol' week down here for ya boys! The highlight came on Saturday, with the baptism of Nelio, Junior and Lurdes. Everything went smoothly with Bishop hooking it up by filling up the font for us and with Xavier, who is our ward mission leader, putting together a star studded baptismal service. All three gave great testimonies but the one that hit out the park was the testimony of Irma Lurdes. Lurdes has been receiving the missionaries’ visits since April as a reference from a member. She loves the Book of Mormon and has learned a ton about the Gospel. The only thing that was missing was her Parent/Guardian permission to be baptized. Lurdes' mother lives in Quelemane and has never spoken with her.  Her uncle and aunt were not super excited about her wanting to get baptized. Lurdes would always pray before/after visits asking Heavenly Father that her uncle and aunt would let her get baptized. So, last Tuesday we went by to visit her and she wasn't home.  We started talking with her uncle a little bit and of course with a baptismal service already planned for that Saturday we started talking to him about Lurdes getting baptized. After talking and more explanation he said would happily let Lurdes get baptized and he even came to the baptism and said he loved it. In Lurdes' testimony she thanked Heavenly Father for her family, for the Book of Mormon and for the chance that she had been given to be baptized.

After the baptism, Nelio put together a little dinner with the help of Suzy and Dalia cooking. It was a super fun night being with lots of members and seeing the friendships starting between investigators, recent converts and older members. Other funny story of the week, when we were walking home at night, a lady stopped and said, "Alright, I see you guys everywhere. I need to know who are you?". We explained to her and she instantly sounded relieved cause she had been hearing that we were working with the CIA haha. After, a long talk with her about what it is that we do and what we share with families, her eye just shined super bright and said she would love for us to visit her and her family.  Let’s hope all goes well with us trying to visit this new family this week.

Long update so I will try and share a quick spiritual guy. In the April General Conference, President Nelson gave a talk on how we can receive the power of Jesus Christ into our lives. He gives a couple of things that we can to do more fully receive this power.  Such as studying and coming to know better our Savior, acting with faith and when we make covenants with our Heavenly Father and keep them with precision. The last thing that he mentions is a true desire to reach up diligently and receive His power in our lives. When I was studying this talk I thought to myself that this was obvious and something that everyone had but President Nelson spiritually back handed that thought of my mind when he gives the example of the women who exercised her faith but just touching the robe of Christ and was healed (Mark 5:28) and then says, "When you reach up for the Lord’s power in your life with the same intensity that a drowning person has when grasping and gasping for air, power from Jesus Christ will be yours. When the Savior knows you truly want to reach up to Him—when He can feel that the greatest desire of your heart is to draw His power into your life—you will be led by the Holy Ghost to know exactly what you should do." I instantly thought about the motivational video on youtube that I always watch to pump me up for football practice haha. But I know that as we search and strive to receive Christ's power in our lives and it will bless and help us through any personal problem or any social issue that we come across.  This ended up not being a quick spiritual thought, but I hope that we all can continue to understand better, receive more and be blessed by the Savior's power that He has because of the sacrifice that He performed for all of us.

Love you guys so much! Have a great week!

Elder Chipman
3 ball...Splash!

Junior and his family

Lurdes with friends and fam. 

Nelio's family

Chamanculo Ward!

After party

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 6 - Chamanculo A - "Scaper Bikes" by Trunk Boiz

What is good fam?!

It looks like all the bdays were happily celebrated and that the Ogden Marathon got shown what is up by the Chipmans! Happy Birthday to everyone again; Wrenly, Grady, Diem and Elliott! And shoutouts to Mom, Corey, Colin and Brandon for throwing down at the marathon!

So it is official, Elder Griffeth and I have conquered this transfer and with transfers coming out today we barely got the news that..... we are going to be staying together for another one! You can say we are happy. But not just cause we are going to be serving for one more transfer but also because of the work that we are going to be putting in for Elder Griffeth's last transfer, starting of this upcoming Saturday with the baptism of Nelio and Junior.

This past week was great. Fun Family Night on Monday, work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, dope division to Katembe on Firday with Elder Chugg and Saturday we went to Matola to watch some people be baptized that Elder Griffeth had started teaching a year ago when he was in T3.. So, all in all it was a good week! And for a little update on past areas and what not, I received some amazing news from Swazi this past week. So first, Monwabisso Matsembula, who Elder Souza and I taught and help baptize is about to turn in his papers to serve a full-time mission. Second, Orlando (of Orlando and Precious, who got married and baptized after I had left) received the Priesthood and will baptizing their youngest son, Oliver, when he turns 8 this year. Straight up, it was one of the happiest moments of my mission hearing that news.

For a quick little spiritual guy for y’alls, I just have a quote from Elder Quentin L. Cook, "We must live by faith and not by fear." Our faith will straight wreck anything that Satan throws our way if in the gospel we learn it, live it, and love it!

Love you guys, Keep Scrapin!

Elder Chipman

East is the Beast even taking over Mozambique. 

Family Night

Leaving the dock on the ferry going to Katembe. 

Ferry Selfie with Elder Chugg. 

Elder Chugg showing me how it's done out in Katembe. 

Saying goodbye to Elder Combs, Elder Payne and Elder Goes. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 5 - Chamanculo A

Alright Darrells,

You do not even know how good it was to see all the fam on Skype last night! Elder Griffeth and I were talking while walking to Brother Campera's house and it was the most antsy we had ever felt before Skype and S/O to the Family Campera for letting us Skype at their house, they were so cool about it and every time we tried to thank them Brother Campera would just reply with a , "For what? Cmom!" haha. So, all in all it was a great time! After I hung up I remembered that totally forgot to say some stuff to y’all. Like one happy birthday to Wrenly, Elliot, Grady and Diem! And two, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers in the fam! I said it at the beginning but forgot to wish to you all individually. But shoutout to mothers!

Not much too update on cause we kind of talked about most of it last night, but everything is going great. On Thursday, we had a division with the AP's and I had the chance to walk with Elder Fuchs (he is going to be famous one day) and then it was just a normal week of finding and teaching. We are super excited for Nelio, the brother of Suzy who is a recent convert. He is pumped for his baptism on the 27th and he has loved learning about all the commandments and learning more about the Book of Mormon with each visit. And if everything goes to plan, we should be having the baptism for Junior as well that day so it will great.

For a spiritual thought, I have been pondering a lot about how when our lives become more focused and centered on Jesus Christ how much easier our lives are. Easier not in the terms of us not having problems or trials but easier meaning that we will forgot about ourselves and look outward, feeling and embracing more light and love in our lives. And with yesterday being Mother's Day how important mother's play a part of life and us coming to know Christ. In Elder K. Brett Nattress Conference talk last October he talked about how his mother had a special goal written while he was growing up to "be patient with Bret" and I felt like I can relate to this story a little bit too much haha. And it just makes me feel so much more grateful for all the women that are in my life that have helped me come closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ. And in the top spot, is the famous, Barbara Jean Chipman! Mom, thank you for all that you have done and all that you do! I hope that you can feel the greatest joy of knowing that I, and all the Chipman squad, know that our Savior lives.

Love you all!

Elder Chipman

ps... concussion dabs lolz

The homie, Godsen! He turned 5 this week and has the coolest smile. 

Letters from Russia

Division with Elder Fuchs

The Skype set up. 

Brother Campera and his wonderful family. 

Skype takes it out of ya.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 4 - Chamanculo A –

Alright folks!

How's it?! It sounds like everyone is doing well (except the Jazz) and that makes me super happy! Loved seeing pics from Lane going Marshawn Lynch on her track meet and all the pics from the dance recitals!

This week was another great one for Elder Griffeth and myself. It started off with us celebrating 1 de Maio with Junita and her family. We cooked up a cake for her mom's birthday and had an amazing dinner with them. Tuesday, we had our first zone conference with President and Sister Senna and it was great. We talked about being true disciples of our Lord, Jesus Christ. While we were at zone conference, our house was getting moved.  So, the afternoon and night of Tuesday was spent helping get all moved, unpacked and set up. The new house is a lot smaller than the last house but with just Elder Griffeth and I in this apartment it’s still just as lit haha. We are teaching some great people right now that are progressing super well. We have started to teach Nelio, who is the brother of Suzy who was baptized two months ago. At first, Nelio told us that he would only have time for visits on Wednesdays but as of now the homie wants us to visit him every day #Alma32:28. We are also teaching Antonio, who is friends with Shelton he was baptized two months ago as well.  He has been loving it so far. He has been going to English Class and loved hearing and learning about the Book of Mormon and how one book can bring so many blessings in our lives.

The spiritual thought of this email will come from the example of President Senna. When President and Sister Senna were called, they were asked by Elder Anderson how much time they needed to prepare with a list of times. President Senna paused and then told Elder Anderson, "If the Lord needs me to, I will get my wife and we will leave this second." Elder Anderson then told them that is exactly what the Lord was needing of them. They then received their call to serve as mission presidents in February, when all the other Presidents had been called in August of 2016. I am so very grateful for the examples that Heavenly Father has put into my life and for the lesson that we all can learn from this story. No matter what it is, we need to be ready to answer God's call for us. Whether it is a calling or a prompting to call an old friend, if we are living the commandments and striving to have the Holy Ghost with us the Lord will help us be ready to bless the lives of others.

Love you all!

Elder Chipman

Bem Vindos President & Sister Senna!

Family Night

I suck at shredding coconuts

I gave up too fast!

"Elder Griffeth look cute."

"Elder Griffeth look cute again."

Mundo's Pizza

Teka Famba

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 3 - Chamanculo A - "We Got The Jazz" by A Tribe Called Quest

First, Go Jazz!

Second, what is up to the family and homies? It sounds like we have been having the same kind of weather as the 801. Saturday and Sunday had some little sprinkles but today the rain has not stopped... that probably rain out our plans for moving apartments today but we will have to see. I am super happy that all videos went through and you guys were able to see them as well.

So, to update you on the week the highlight came from Saturday, with the baptism of Shanaya and Thadeu. Everything went well with cleaning and filling up the font and we had a great turnout with a special appearance from President and Sister Senna. It was great to meet them and talk with them a little bit before and after the baptismal service.  The meeting was great and Shanaya had lots of support there from the Young Women.

On Thursday, we had our final zone conference with President and Sister Koch and in little words... it was great. President Koch left with us all things that he wanted us to remember that we had all learned together and then left with us some counsel as if we were leaving and going home and so for our last encounter it was great to hear from both of them.

The work and the area are going great. We are teaching lots of new people each week and doing most of our finding through recent converts and members and so we are finding solid new investigators.  With all the finding we are trying to do the best with balancing a lot of recent converts. As a little spiritual thought for ya guys this week I will share a little experience that happened this week with Junita.  Last week I wrote telling her situation and concern with paying her tithing well this week she had an amazing experience. On Tuesday, she had ran out of money for transport to get to work, school and church. She told us after waking up late and hurrying trying get ready for work that morning and deciding what to do with her last 7 Met.  She felt something tell her to chill, get her Book of Mormon, read a little and then pray. Well she did so, and in her prayer, she asked for help with her situation. She decided to use her last bit of money to go to work that morning and at work, flustered and worried with what she would do. She got a call from a colleague of her boss. Answering with no desire, she talked with him and he told her that we was going to be bringing a payment by for her boss and then he told Junita that 200 mt of that money would be going to her.... With tearing eyes and Junita's sass she just said to us, "I am a daughter of God." This is just one of the many experiences I have seen in my mission of people that are doing what our Heavenly Father wants them to do.  Even the smallest things in tough situations, and He always without a doubt comes through and blesses them with whatever they are in greatest need of.  Heavenly Father loves us!  He is always there for us!

Love you guys, hope everyone has a great week and a great start to May!


Elder Chipman

oh and p.s. GO JAZZ!

Until next time President and Sister Koch

Shanaya's Baptism

Chamanculo Crew putting in work

Julieta and Luarinda, amazing members!

Xima and Matapa