Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 6 - Chamanculo A - "Scaper Bikes" by Trunk Boiz

What is good fam?!

It looks like all the bdays were happily celebrated and that the Ogden Marathon got shown what is up by the Chipmans! Happy Birthday to everyone again; Wrenly, Grady, Diem and Elliott! And shoutouts to Mom, Corey, Colin and Brandon for throwing down at the marathon!

So it is official, Elder Griffeth and I have conquered this transfer and with transfers coming out today we barely got the news that..... we are going to be staying together for another one! You can say we are happy. But not just cause we are going to be serving for one more transfer but also because of the work that we are going to be putting in for Elder Griffeth's last transfer, starting of this upcoming Saturday with the baptism of Nelio and Junior.

This past week was great. Fun Family Night on Monday, work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, dope division to Katembe on Firday with Elder Chugg and Saturday we went to Matola to watch some people be baptized that Elder Griffeth had started teaching a year ago when he was in T3.. So, all in all it was a good week! And for a little update on past areas and what not, I received some amazing news from Swazi this past week. So first, Monwabisso Matsembula, who Elder Souza and I taught and help baptize is about to turn in his papers to serve a full-time mission. Second, Orlando (of Orlando and Precious, who got married and baptized after I had left) received the Priesthood and will baptizing their youngest son, Oliver, when he turns 8 this year. Straight up, it was one of the happiest moments of my mission hearing that news.

For a quick little spiritual guy for y’alls, I just have a quote from Elder Quentin L. Cook, "We must live by faith and not by fear." Our faith will straight wreck anything that Satan throws our way if in the gospel we learn it, live it, and love it!

Love you guys, Keep Scrapin!

Elder Chipman

East is the Beast even taking over Mozambique. 

Family Night

Leaving the dock on the ferry going to Katembe. 

Ferry Selfie with Elder Chugg. 

Elder Chugg showing me how it's done out in Katembe. 

Saying goodbye to Elder Combs, Elder Payne and Elder Goes. 

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