Monday, March 27, 2017

Liberdade Week 16 – “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan

Ola peoples!

It sounds like everyone is doing great! Good weather and then some rain was exactly like our week here. Friday, we got hit by the biggest storm I have seen in Mozambique (almost Swazi level) but our home bois from Marracos hooked it up for us with shelter in the Pasteleria so we were all good.

But for the rest of the week it was another good one for your boys down here in Liberdade. Monday, we had our Zone Activity for the transfer and we all went bowling and it was good being with the whole zone and now after an entire transfer and a half of practice I can say that I am "alright" at bowling haha. For the other days, we had lots of running around doing baptismal interviews and going in and out of other areas to meet up with other missionaries so Elder Barros and I are excited about getting some more time to work in our area this upcoming week. On Thursday, we had an in-district division and I got to walk with Elder Bailey for the day and it was a super fun day walking with him in his area. And then the highlight of the week came on Saturday with the baptism of Adelina along with Asvaldo and Claudia. The baptism went great and all 3 were confirmed members and received the Holy Ghost on Sunday. Adelina pulled it closed and walked in just in timed to be confirmed. Elder Barros and I were sweating bullets that she wasn’t going to make it but when she walked in it was a subtle Tiger Woods fist pump celebration.

I hope everyone has a great week! Enjoy the Conference Weekend! We will be watching the session on the 8th and 9th so I can’t wait to hear what you guys thought and then to watch. Don't forget to have questions ready to be answered and to pray for those that will be speaking especially President Monson!

Love you all,

Elder Chipman

Adelina's Baptism

Asvaldo aka the Division 1 Wide Receiver

The Crew

Just doing hoodrat things with my friends. 

Casa Branca with Elder Bailey

Lots of nature pics...this is the division between
Maputo and Matola. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 15 - Liberdade A - "James Fanco" by Hoodie Allen

"Alright so when I say James, yall say Franco"

First, big bday shoutouts to Berg, Jens, Freya and Beez! I am
not sure if I wished you guys a happy bday in my last email so if I
did... I am doing it again! Hope you guys had a great day and Beez
hope you have a great day on the 25th! Spring Break is here and that
is #dope. I hope everyone has a fun and safe break. It also sounds
like the Madness has been pretty mad this year... sorry to all whose
brackets have been busted and for those who have completely guessed
and are currently winning their pools.

We had a pretty great past week. It started off with a fun pday
walking as the trio of Liberdade. After doing internet we hit up the
famous Fish Market on Costa Do Sol and all I can say is yum. We
also went bowling which was super fun although I am horrible. Just ask
Machi... He knows. So, after a fun Pday on Monday it was back
to work for Tuesday-Sunday. 

On Wednesday, I headed out to T3 to a division with Elder Bennion, who is from Highland, Utah. It was a really fun day working with him in his area and getting to know him a little bit better and the coincidence was that I found out that he worked for Clearlink before the mission so s/o to Dev and s/o to Clearlink on that one.  

On Thursday, it was Adelina's birthday so Elder Barros and I baked a cake for her and ended just dropping it off because she was at work when we passed by. Adelina is progressing and she will be getting baptized this Saturday. Her sisters, Joana and Amelia, will be getting baptized probably on the 8th with Joaquim after we moved their dates around a little bit. 

Thursday night, Elder Barros and I had quite the adventure trying to find an
old member that ran into us the week before. After walking into our area for
30 minutes, waiting for a chappa to go to a place that I didn’t know existed,
an hour chappa ride, getting off the at the "abandoned house" stop.  
The member was able to find us and we had a good visit with him. 

On Sunday, we had a great turn out at church with some members bringing  
friends and progressing investigators coming so all is going well down here!

Quick line for the spiritual side, “I make a plea that we constantly
seek the inspiration of the Lord and the companionship of His Holy
Spirit to bless us in keeping our efforts on a high spiritual plane.”
- Gordon B. Hinckley. There is legit no greater blessing or help
that we can have in our lives than the gift of the Holy Ghost. After
many months of the constant battle of recognizing the Spirit I have
realized that we all need the Holy Spirit to guide, to protect and to
comfort us. I have realized that we need the Holy Ghost in all that we
do and in all the responsibilities that we have. Seek for the Holy
Ghost this week and sit back and enjoy the blessings that will come!

Much Luv,

Elder Chipman

Elder Barros and our favorite dog, Righty

Weekly service, prepping dinner for some
families by killing chickens (haha)

Costa Do Sol 

The Fish Market. The Red tint is because of
the Umbrellas.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 14 - Liberdade A - "One More Time" by Brothers From Another

Oh, what it is good yo?!

So, first shoutouts to Teagan and Haddie on killing it at their dance competition! I loved seeing the video of Haddie's solo, thank you so much Mom for sending it! Second, shoutouts to all the birthdays coming up. Happy Big Ol Bday to Bret, Jensen, Freya and Breanne!! And lastly, shoutout to the Mission Moms in the Oly 2nd Ward holding it down in sacrament meeting and giving updates of the Lord's work around the ward to the Ward Family.

So, the week was good for Elder Barros, Elder Bailey and I. Elder Ribeiro went to Swazi for a couple days at the end of the week so we were walking like Mike Bibby, Peja Stojakovic, and Vladi Divak putting work in all of Liberdade for some days all together. But everything is still going great in our area. Adelina and Amelia weren’t able to come to church yesterday but we had a fun family night last night that Adelina was able to come to and help her feel better cause she was super sad that she wasn’t able to make it to church. Eurico is still going strong without drinking and smoking but since he doesn’t have a phone and at times his work schedule is whack so it is hard to keep in contact with him. We also have started teaching a new family, Vitor and Tina, that we taught about 3-4 years ago, and they have actually been coming to church for a while and we just assumed that they were members but we found out that they weren’t and you know we be teaching them! It has been super nice as well, we have been having lots of help from return missionaries and perspective missionaries. It is super fun talking about experiences from other missions and working with others getting ready to serve. At the same time, all of us working together and helping our investigators out. #MemberMissionaryWork #Word  Also, this past week as I had the chance to do a division with Elder Simonson and work in his area of Matola it was a super fun day. We ended up getting locked out of the house but thanks to Elder Jimmenez, we got in and we had a good day.

I don’t have a spiritual thought or anything but all I can say or invite y’all to do is just SERVE. Service is the key to having joy and happiness in our lives, the moment we forget about ourselves and start to think of others is when the Spirit will take over and do everything. The feelings after doing the smallest act are the things to be cherished so that it will lead us to serve more. Even if you get made fun of like me when I try and help women here with their laundry it is still best thing that we can do!

Love you all, have such a great week to ever one.

Elder Chipman

ps.. in honor of March Madness starting... "ONIONS!!!!"


Indian Restaurant with Elder Simonson

Family Night always popping

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 13 - Liberdade A - "Anti Freeze" - Pac Div

Hey Harry ol buddy ol pal!!

What is good everyone? I hope that everyone is doing well and safe with the snow storm that hit. I also hope that the little kids have a snow day from school and that its better than the movie, "Snow Day" haha.

For ya boys down here in Matola, we running like the 2005 runningback duo of Reggie Bush and Lendale White. So, to say the least things are going great. We are working with lots of great people as of late. We have been teaching Eurico for a while but recently he has been progressing a lot. It has been about 3 weeks since the last time he smoked/drank and now we are just praying that he will be able to work with his boss to get Sundays off. But the guy is really good and it has been cool to see how in only 3 weeks he just looks different. We are also working with a group of sisters, Adelina, Juana and Amelia. They are progressing really well. Adelina is going Greg Jennings and putting the whole team on her back and helping Juana and Amelia read the Book of Mormon daily and answering any question that they have. And then lastly, we got the homie, Joaquim! For a couple of days, we were passing by this one street and contacting a specific area and every time on our way back we would stop and buy ice cream and some popcorn. After about a couple times the kid that was selling to us asked who we were and we explained to him and right then we could tell that he would be good to teach and so we scheduled a visit with him and his buddy.  Now Joaquim is progressing super well! We teach him just right by his stand and always end the visits enjoying some vanilla/strawberry ice cream haha.

So, for the update I would just like to leave a little quote for a spiritual thought and this quote comes from the OG, President Gordon B. Hinckley, "My plea is that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight."

I hope that everyone has a great week enjoying the sunlight that Lord gives to us every day! Love and miss you all!


Elder Chipman

Big ups to Samuel, our fav chappa driver. 

Pre gaming some visits

At Ramida's or Sister Chirenzin's call opening. 

She will be serving in the Brazil, Salvador Mission.
Elder Chipman's good friend Elder Sam Prince is serving in this mission!