Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 14 - Liberdade A - "One More Time" by Brothers From Another

Oh, what it is good yo?!

So, first shoutouts to Teagan and Haddie on killing it at their dance competition! I loved seeing the video of Haddie's solo, thank you so much Mom for sending it! Second, shoutouts to all the birthdays coming up. Happy Big Ol Bday to Bret, Jensen, Freya and Breanne!! And lastly, shoutout to the Mission Moms in the Oly 2nd Ward holding it down in sacrament meeting and giving updates of the Lord's work around the ward to the Ward Family.

So, the week was good for Elder Barros, Elder Bailey and I. Elder Ribeiro went to Swazi for a couple days at the end of the week so we were walking like Mike Bibby, Peja Stojakovic, and Vladi Divak putting work in all of Liberdade for some days all together. But everything is still going great in our area. Adelina and Amelia weren’t able to come to church yesterday but we had a fun family night last night that Adelina was able to come to and help her feel better cause she was super sad that she wasn’t able to make it to church. Eurico is still going strong without drinking and smoking but since he doesn’t have a phone and at times his work schedule is whack so it is hard to keep in contact with him. We also have started teaching a new family, Vitor and Tina, that we taught about 3-4 years ago, and they have actually been coming to church for a while and we just assumed that they were members but we found out that they weren’t and you know we be teaching them! It has been super nice as well, we have been having lots of help from return missionaries and perspective missionaries. It is super fun talking about experiences from other missions and working with others getting ready to serve. At the same time, all of us working together and helping our investigators out. #MemberMissionaryWork #Word  Also, this past week as I had the chance to do a division with Elder Simonson and work in his area of Matola it was a super fun day. We ended up getting locked out of the house but thanks to Elder Jimmenez, we got in and we had a good day.

I don’t have a spiritual thought or anything but all I can say or invite y’all to do is just SERVE. Service is the key to having joy and happiness in our lives, the moment we forget about ourselves and start to think of others is when the Spirit will take over and do everything. The feelings after doing the smallest act are the things to be cherished so that it will lead us to serve more. Even if you get made fun of like me when I try and help women here with their laundry it is still best thing that we can do!

Love you all, have such a great week to ever one.

Elder Chipman

ps.. in honor of March Madness starting... "ONIONS!!!!"


Indian Restaurant with Elder Simonson

Family Night always popping

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