Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 6 - Fairview B - Life in Reverse by Hurris &GiG

Alright everybody so the transfers are in and we have got some news... Elder Feliciana and I will be staying together for another transfer in Fairview! But the strange thing about it is that I am currently writing this email in Mozambique... actually in the exact internet cafe that I would use in my first 3 transfers of my mission while serving in Maputo. Elder Smith, Sharpe, Owens and I had to wake up early (4:30 AM) this morning to head to Mozambique and redo all of our citizenship for Mozambique and so Elder Owens and I will be staying the day in Maputo and driving back down with the missionaries that will be transferred to Swaziland... and something that is even doper is that Elder Griffeth will be coming to Manzini! It will be the first time I have seen that guy since Mother’s Day so I am too excited. It is super strange to be mobbing the old stopping grounds again actually knowing how to speak Portuguese haha.

But as for the last week of the transfer it was another great one. Elder Feliciana hit 6 months on the mission so we had a nice lunch (Galito's) to celebrate.  Other than that Elder Feliciana and I worked super hard this week and the sunburns on our faces/necks can prove it. So, it is just that time now when at 10:00 AM it is hotter than Ryan Gosling in the movie, "Crazy Stupid Love" hahah.  We were able to press through the heat and continue on finding great people and working with the ones we have already found. After not seeing Patience for a couple of days, we decided just to past by her house to see if we could her catch at home. After knocking we heard, "Ngubani?!" (which means who is it) and we simply responded the missionaries and right after we heard a big, "Houw?!?" (What Swazi say when they are surprised. Patience opened the with the Book of Mormon in hand and said, "Right as I read something and didn’t understand it, you guys showed up... houw?!"   After that little cool experience and explaining to her what the Urim and Thummim was we had a great lesson with her. Also, we were able to find Thandi, who is an old investigator of the missionaries a long time back, and after visiting her twice she has a baptismal date and came to church. So, if everything keeps going to plan we should be having a busy day on the 13th November.

A quick thought that I would like to share comes from Mosiah 5:12-13 in this scripture it talks about our relationship with our Master, Jesus Christ. It says that we need to "retain the name written always in your hearts" when I read this for some reason I thought of having Christ's name tattooed on our hearts and how we can do so.  What came to mind is how tattoos hurt but through constant and consistent actions it becomes permanent on our bodies. To always retain his name written on our hearts I think it is the same process. In the midst of trials in our lives, through constant and consistent actions (Prayer, reading the scriptures, serving others-verse 13) we will find a permanent testimony and relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

So, this is it... start of transfer #10! I am super excited to be staying in Swazi and in Fairview and especially to continue working with Elder Feliciana. It feels like everyone is doing great and I hope everyone has a great week!

Love and miss you all!

Elder Chipman

The beautiful land of Swazi.

Sister Masina and her son always saving me a piece of that corn!

6 month lunch for my boy!

Sunday we had Sibusisso Burgers
(Chicken, Egg, Bacon and Cheese Burgers)

Samora Machel mean muggin (more pics from Mozambique to come next week)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 5 - Fairview B - Autumn Leaves by Chris Brown

What is up everyone? It sounds like that fall has truly started and everyone is doing great! In my opinion fall is tied for the second best time of the year and Africa doesn’t really have a fall sooo enjoy it guys! But it sounds like everyone's week was killer. Bday s/o's to Brandon and Penny! Those Oreo cupcakes looked too good. Sounds like sports are sports too.

This week for team, Carlos Arroyo and Milt Palacio, was a good one! It started out with us kind of still being down about not finding too many people last week but changed right around when we were able to teach 2 lessons back-2-back (S/o to Drake) of some contacts that we had done. First we taught Fissile and it was awesome. She understood everything and accepted to be baptized. Right after, we taught Patience and Patience is one of the most prepared people I have ever met. The Lord has blessed her life so much to lead unto the point she is right now to be able to hear this message. We taught her the Restoration and she said that everything "just clicked in her mind and she felt like her eyes were being opened" to what she always wondered and wanted to know. After just dropping a baptismal invitation with Fissile it was only right that we did it with Patience as well. Elder Feliciana kicked my leg and started saying Portuguese, "Invite her, invite her now or I will kill you" hahah so we invited her to be baptized and she said that after hearing what she just heard she wanted could have been baptized right then and there. We returned the next day and taught her the Book of Mormon but even before we started teaching she asked us, "I believe that the Bible is the word of God but that it is missing something… I don’t know how or what... but do you think that God has more scriptures for us?" So after wiping our giant smiles off of our faces we taught her and she loved it. We are also teaching two sisters, Zanele and Wendi, who have been progressing really well. They felt super bad cause they read the Book of Mormon but didn’t understand it and so we had to explain to them that it didn’t matter if they understood or not but that they were keeping a commandment of the Lord and opening themselves to the Spirit to come to the know the truth.

As for other things this week... we celebrated Elder Sharpe's bday with ice cream cake, chocolate cake, and chocolate waffles. Elder Payne was transferred early which was kind of sad for our whole zone but it is all chill. And last but certainly not least the past two nights there have been the two biggest lighting storms I have ever seen. On Saturday night, we had just got done with a lesson when Zeus decided to have target practice on Manzini haha. Elder Feliciana and I had to book it up because it was soo sketch. It didn’t give us comfort that every person we ran by yelled at us, "You shouldn't wear white when there is lighting!" Chillbo Baggins. haha but I was able to get some amazing videos which I will try to send. But that is pretty much it for the squad this week! I hope everyone is still watching, listening and pondering about what we heard in conference. I love and miss you all! Have such a great week!


Elder Chipman
"Were there" - Lloyd Christmas
Running home in lightning storms.
My dude Simon just got his mission call to serve in the Ghana Accra Mission
Why not take a selfie while waiting for a visit?
Waiting for the suprise for Elder Sharpe

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 4 - Fairview B - Keep It Real by Kyle

Some of the few people that I have had the privilege of knowing since being in Swazi that have come to learn about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, the Plan of Happiness, and the Gospel of  Jesus Christ.  They have all followed the example of Jesus Christ, being baptized, confirmed and received the Holy Gost.  They have all seen Jesus Christ and his church impact their lives differently but with the same outcome - JOY.  This is what it is all about! 

Hello fellow family and friends,

It sounds like everyone is doing so great! Big shout out to Laney for killing in her cross country meets! I am too impressed, keep it up Lane! Also big ol' birthday S/O to the Method man himself, Pchip! I have you especially quack-tastic (Billy Madison) birthday mah dude!

So for team Carmelo Anthony and NenĂª it was another good week in the 268. Elder Feliciana and I have been working super hard to continue on finding some new families to teach and to continue on helping all of the recent converts progress in the Gospel. Lots of ups and downs like always but something that never changes is the joy that comes from service and missionary work. I am so very grateful for the Holy Ghost, who is sent by our loving Heavenly Father, to comfort us when we need it is most.  On Thursday night we had a dinner and a visit with the Similani family. I love the Similanis so much and they give me hope doing this special work. President and Sister Similani were baptized in 1997. A few months later President Similani was called to be the Elders Quorum president and then from there the Branch President. After a couple years we was called to be the District President and during his service, he played a giant role in the growth of the church here in Swaziland; by locating and heading the construction of the two beautiful chapels in Manzini and Ezulwini. Sister Similani is originally from Maputo and with the help of President Gonzalves (1st counselor of the Mission) and other members were the pioneers of the church in Maputo. It was so cool to hear their stories of sacrifice and service all of the church and the saints.

We also had the special opportunity as the Fairview and Ngwane Park branches to watch General Conference all together on Saturday and Sunday. All I have to say is that every speaker threw down with the spirit and all spat straight fire! Every talk was so simple but so powerful. I loved the themes of the Atonement, The Plan of Happiness, our personal progression/relationship with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The biggest impression that I received while watching the conference was during the Sunday Morning Session, during the congregational hymn, when in the font of the chapel there was 3 little girls yelling as loud as they possibly could, "I am a child of God!". Watching them, mixed with the words and counsel of our loving prophet and apostles, I realized the power that comes from that phrase that we all learn growing up in Primary. We are all truly children of God. He loves us, and because He loves us He has given us His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. That through him we can learn, repent and feel of the joy that God wants us to feel. He has also given us our families, the scriptures, and leaders to guide, teach and support. No matter the situation, trial, or hardship we can feel of that love. I hope everyone is still remember and pondering on the things they learned from conference. But the most important thing is that we apply the things we learn. "It is the time when we think that we don’t have any growing left to do when we have the most growing to do"

I love all of you guys so much! Thank you for the love, support and prayers! I hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Chipman

Ethan trying to teach me how to be a G. 
Celebrating Mimi's 4th birthday. 
Walks home from school.
The Hilltop Hoods

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 3 - Fairview B - Soul Food by Logic (Clean Version) lol

Alright sports fans how is everyone doing?! It sounds like everything back home is going great. Big S/O to Mom, Colin, Dev and Brody for running the marathon this weekened!! Officially means I am the only Chipman that hasn't run a marathon but it’s all good cause just thinking about running now I get tired so we will see how that goes haha. But I hope everyone had a great Conference Weekend! We will be watching all the sessions this upcoming weekend and I am too pumped.

But this week was another really great one for team Steve Nash and Leandro Barbosa. Yesterday, we had the baptism for Hlobisile! (Pics coming don’t worry) Elder Feliciana started teaching her with Elder Watteyne the last week of last transfer. She was super to excited to be baptized and to be an example for her younger sisters so we will see if we can start sitting with the rest of her family.

Also this week I had the chance to a division and walk with Elder Copitsky. After we got done with visits and contacting in the afternoon we stopped to get some coke and cookies and take a little break. A big cloud cover was moving towards us and Elder Coptisky goes, "I think we might be getting some rain." Me being me said, "Nahhh!! We guci man!" Then once we left to our next visit I straight felt like Harry and Dudley in the 5th Harry Potter when the dementors swoop in. Nothing but rain, huge burst of lighting, and loud thunder. It was one of the coolest things that I have been in but after 5 minutes of walking, being wet and cold I spazzed out haha. We ended up taking cover in a grocery store and a gas station and while we there, got some supplies for a FHE that we had with the Gumedzes. We showed them how to cook donuts and they LOVED them! Babe (Siswati for father - pronounced Bah-bee) Gumedze made us make extra batter so he could cook some up for breakfast the next morning. So after lots of oily fried Jerry's Jonuts and lots of yes chants we made the voyage home in the rain.

Then to cap it all off we visited the Mngumezulu family last night who live in the Swazi version of Pepperwood. Elder Feliciana found them last transfer but this was first time that I met them. Got there, with dinner and everything prepared for us. After helping them wash the dishes we sat and had a lesson and reviewed the importance of the Book of Mormon. Everything went great so let’s hope they progress. But just to give a hint how this fam is, Babe is basically Denzel Washington, Make (Mother - pronounced Mah-gee) is mom from America and all of the kids are studying outside of the country. One in Cyprus, one in Tanzania and one in China. They are such a nice family!

Also, yesterday for lunch after church we had ROAST NIGHT!! Roast, mash potatoes, gravy, carrots but not rolls but it was still too good!

But because of the long update I will just hit you guys up with a quick thought. In Mormon 8 verse 38, Mormon drops a bomb when he simply asks, "Why are ye ashamed to take upon you the name of Christ? Why do ye not think that greater is the value of an endless happiness than that misery which never dies—because of the praise of the world?" I pondered a ton about this scripture this week. We know that when we were baptized, but also before this life, we chose, promised, and covenanted with our Heavenly Father that we would take upon ourselves the name of Christ. But, along the road sometimes we forget or we change. Whether it’s because we feel we need to "fit in" or maybe its cause of changes happening around us. This is such an important time for us all to remember the name we have taken upon us and to try and become like Him and to let His light shine through us to help ones that we are around daily. Jesus Christ is the light of the world, He is our Savior and He is our endless happiness!

I love you guys and hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Chipman

Love me some Matsapha
Showing the Gumedzes how to make donuts
Jerry's Jonuts were a success
Beware of Snakes
Hlobisile's Baptism
Almost like Home!!!