Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 5 - Fairview B - Autumn Leaves by Chris Brown

What is up everyone? It sounds like that fall has truly started and everyone is doing great! In my opinion fall is tied for the second best time of the year and Africa doesn’t really have a fall sooo enjoy it guys! But it sounds like everyone's week was killer. Bday s/o's to Brandon and Penny! Those Oreo cupcakes looked too good. Sounds like sports are sports too.

This week for team, Carlos Arroyo and Milt Palacio, was a good one! It started out with us kind of still being down about not finding too many people last week but changed right around when we were able to teach 2 lessons back-2-back (S/o to Drake) of some contacts that we had done. First we taught Fissile and it was awesome. She understood everything and accepted to be baptized. Right after, we taught Patience and Patience is one of the most prepared people I have ever met. The Lord has blessed her life so much to lead unto the point she is right now to be able to hear this message. We taught her the Restoration and she said that everything "just clicked in her mind and she felt like her eyes were being opened" to what she always wondered and wanted to know. After just dropping a baptismal invitation with Fissile it was only right that we did it with Patience as well. Elder Feliciana kicked my leg and started saying Portuguese, "Invite her, invite her now or I will kill you" hahah so we invited her to be baptized and she said that after hearing what she just heard she wanted could have been baptized right then and there. We returned the next day and taught her the Book of Mormon but even before we started teaching she asked us, "I believe that the Bible is the word of God but that it is missing something… I don’t know how or what... but do you think that God has more scriptures for us?" So after wiping our giant smiles off of our faces we taught her and she loved it. We are also teaching two sisters, Zanele and Wendi, who have been progressing really well. They felt super bad cause they read the Book of Mormon but didn’t understand it and so we had to explain to them that it didn’t matter if they understood or not but that they were keeping a commandment of the Lord and opening themselves to the Spirit to come to the know the truth.

As for other things this week... we celebrated Elder Sharpe's bday with ice cream cake, chocolate cake, and chocolate waffles. Elder Payne was transferred early which was kind of sad for our whole zone but it is all chill. And last but certainly not least the past two nights there have been the two biggest lighting storms I have ever seen. On Saturday night, we had just got done with a lesson when Zeus decided to have target practice on Manzini haha. Elder Feliciana and I had to book it up because it was soo sketch. It didn’t give us comfort that every person we ran by yelled at us, "You shouldn't wear white when there is lighting!" Chillbo Baggins. haha but I was able to get some amazing videos which I will try to send. But that is pretty much it for the squad this week! I hope everyone is still watching, listening and pondering about what we heard in conference. I love and miss you all! Have such a great week!


Elder Chipman
"Were there" - Lloyd Christmas
Running home in lightning storms.
My dude Simon just got his mission call to serve in the Ghana Accra Mission
Why not take a selfie while waiting for a visit?
Waiting for the suprise for Elder Sharpe

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