Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 6 - Fairview B - Life in Reverse by Hurris &GiG

Alright everybody so the transfers are in and we have got some news... Elder Feliciana and I will be staying together for another transfer in Fairview! But the strange thing about it is that I am currently writing this email in Mozambique... actually in the exact internet cafe that I would use in my first 3 transfers of my mission while serving in Maputo. Elder Smith, Sharpe, Owens and I had to wake up early (4:30 AM) this morning to head to Mozambique and redo all of our citizenship for Mozambique and so Elder Owens and I will be staying the day in Maputo and driving back down with the missionaries that will be transferred to Swaziland... and something that is even doper is that Elder Griffeth will be coming to Manzini! It will be the first time I have seen that guy since Mother’s Day so I am too excited. It is super strange to be mobbing the old stopping grounds again actually knowing how to speak Portuguese haha.

But as for the last week of the transfer it was another great one. Elder Feliciana hit 6 months on the mission so we had a nice lunch (Galito's) to celebrate.  Other than that Elder Feliciana and I worked super hard this week and the sunburns on our faces/necks can prove it. So, it is just that time now when at 10:00 AM it is hotter than Ryan Gosling in the movie, "Crazy Stupid Love" hahah.  We were able to press through the heat and continue on finding great people and working with the ones we have already found. After not seeing Patience for a couple of days, we decided just to past by her house to see if we could her catch at home. After knocking we heard, "Ngubani?!" (which means who is it) and we simply responded the missionaries and right after we heard a big, "Houw?!?" (What Swazi say when they are surprised. Patience opened the with the Book of Mormon in hand and said, "Right as I read something and didn’t understand it, you guys showed up... houw?!"   After that little cool experience and explaining to her what the Urim and Thummim was we had a great lesson with her. Also, we were able to find Thandi, who is an old investigator of the missionaries a long time back, and after visiting her twice she has a baptismal date and came to church. So, if everything keeps going to plan we should be having a busy day on the 13th November.

A quick thought that I would like to share comes from Mosiah 5:12-13 in this scripture it talks about our relationship with our Master, Jesus Christ. It says that we need to "retain the name written always in your hearts" when I read this for some reason I thought of having Christ's name tattooed on our hearts and how we can do so.  What came to mind is how tattoos hurt but through constant and consistent actions it becomes permanent on our bodies. To always retain his name written on our hearts I think it is the same process. In the midst of trials in our lives, through constant and consistent actions (Prayer, reading the scriptures, serving others-verse 13) we will find a permanent testimony and relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

So, this is it... start of transfer #10! I am super excited to be staying in Swazi and in Fairview and especially to continue working with Elder Feliciana. It feels like everyone is doing great and I hope everyone has a great week!

Love and miss you all!

Elder Chipman

The beautiful land of Swazi.

Sister Masina and her son always saving me a piece of that corn!

6 month lunch for my boy!

Sunday we had Sibusisso Burgers
(Chicken, Egg, Bacon and Cheese Burgers)

Samora Machel mean muggin (more pics from Mozambique to come next week)

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