Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 7 -Fairview B - B.O.B. by Outkast

Happy Halloween ya fools and ghouls! This is the 1 year mark of my first house on the mission getting robbed so that’s chill haha. But yo, hands down Ezra and Wrenly already won for the best costumes of the year! I can’t wait to see all the rest of the costumes.  I hope everyone enjoys the donuts, root beer and all the candy your hearts can imagine!

So, this week flew by with the quick trip to Mozambique and back but I feel like more happened those two days than in the other 5. Monday night after we got done doing internet and eating we went and visited the Mahotas house and said what up to the missionaries there and after we were planning on going to visit some of my favs from Magoanine and Mahotas but right as we got to the road, out of nowhere, the biggest storm I have ever seen happened. We got lucky and found a taxi that could take us back to the Mission Office. On the ride, it started to hail... yep hail in Africa and it didn’t matter that all the power was out because a lightning strike every .4 seconds lit up the sky. After making to Costa De Sol we found the beach and the road straight destroyed! The wind had blown over trees on to the road and even on to some cars and chappas. After making it as far as we could in the traffic we had to get out and trek it by foot. After about 40 minutes we finally made it to the mission office. Once we arrived I checked my bag and realize that I did not have my camera in my bag and so after a quick hit of depression of losing all my photos and videos my dude Elder Sharpe remembered that he got the taxi’s contact number.  After calling him, he was able to find my camera in his car and in the morning, the homie brought it to the mission office... can I get a hallelujah?!  That plus a late-night KFC run with the APs (Elder Holt and Elder Payne) made the trip worth it haha.

Going to Mozambique made me remember how much I miss it but being away from Swazi made me realize how much I love it here. The rest of the was great with Elder Feliciana. We went head to head with the heat and the heat won. We have some really great investigators progressing especially Thandi. Thandi is a little bit older but she can understand everything we teach her and she loves coming to church to learn more about the Savior. Also, this next week we are getting ready for some big activities to continue to excite the members about mission work here in the Manzini area.  We will be trying out a lot new ideas of how we can best work with the members to continue finding, teaching, baptizing and retaining to form a stake here in Swazi.

We will be doing some reverse trick-or-treatin tonight, every house we knock we will give them candy just to spread the Halloween spirit! But everyone have a safe day and week! Watch Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, and the Halloween episode of Freaks and Geeks for a homie. Love and miss you all so much!


Elder Chipman

Had to find my inner Legolas to help this lady out. 

The famous Riverstone Mall where the Mulungos flock on Mondays to do groceries.

A few old Pics

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