Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 9 - Fairview B - Donald Trump by Mac Miller (Edited)

Soooo. what’s good America?? It sounds like this week was popping with the elections and everything. With me not being super savvy in politics and being away for more than a year I am not going to say anything cause I don’t know anything but just like Brody emailed me Mac Miller called it.  Got to give a shout out to the youngblood right now... Ezra! Happy bday my man! You are sooo big it is crazy and your style is 100 haha I hope to grow and be like you.

This past week was great for the squad down here in Fairview. Only got hit by two storms so that was nice. The weather is still being super bipolar, starting off hotter than Snoop Dog while he is in the crib to raining like its Seattle out here. The rain has been coming down more and more cause of the drought that this part of Africa had last year.

But more on the week; the highlight came yesterday at the baptism for Make Thandie. Elder Feliciana and I got to the chapel at about 8 to fill up the font. We get there and everything was locked up so after a scavenger hunt for the keys we were able to open the font and we found that it had been filled a week ago and never drained. Let’s just say I saw some insects that I have never seen before living in that water. So, we called in a 22-19 from Monsters Inc. and did a quick draining and cleaning of the font and were able to get everything good to go. The baptisms went great! It was Thandie, Tandeka and her 2 sons and then the daughter of our Elders Quorum President that were all baptized. My favorite part of every baptism is how humbling and sweet it is to hear the testimonies of those who were just baptized. Thandie was really nervous to get up in front of everyone but she did a great job!

As for the rest of the week, I have been eating like a king yet again because of the Thanksgiving box! Thanks, Mom and for all that sent love with that package haha. But Elder Feliciana and I put in the work. On Saturday, we left our house at 7:30am to help Hlobisile with washing and so after getting made fun and a day full work and sun we came back looking like Mr. Crab. On Thursday, I had the chance to do a division with Elder Griffeth! It felt just like ol' times in Munhava running the streets as the Splash Brothers. The weeks are going by and I am loving every day here.

Just for a quick spiritual thought; It comes at the end 2nd Nephi 9 when it says, “Remember, to be carnally-minded is death, and to be spiritually-minded is life eternal.”  Short and sweet just how I like it. In our lives if we think and keep our spiritually well being on focus all will be great! I know this to be true!

Love, you guys sooo much! Hope everyone has a great week!

With love and blessings,

Elder Chipman

Baptism for Thandie

Baptism of Thandie, Tandeka, her 2 sons and
the Elders Qurom Pres. daughter.

Sharing the Gospel and Sharing Sour Patch Kids

"The Usual" at U&Me Butchery, 1KG of Chicken, Pork, and
Chakalaka (Sausage)

Cool Clouds

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