Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 8 - Fairview B - "All I Got Is You" by Ghostface Killa

Alright with today being the 7th of November, the first shout out needs to go to Barbara Jean Chipman! Happy birthday mom! I hope you have such a great day and I am so glad that the package I sent got there!

And secondly would just like to send my regards to Emily and all her family.

As for the week, it was a good one. The weather has been changing from playing a season opener at Hurricane to the Skyline vs. Kahuku game in 2000 haha. It will start out in the morning a little overcast and then the sky will open up and then comes out.  Every night at about 6 pm a lightning storm comes out of nowhere. This past week we got caught in 3 storms, with each one being stronger than the one before. So, it has been a battle against mother nature and a battle against Satanas out here. Elder Feliciana and I have been working hard with our investigators but a whole lot are not progressing. We will be having the baptism of Make Thandi this Sunday along with the baptism of one of my favorite ladies in the other area of Fairview so that will be a great day!

Last Monday we had a super fun Halloween activity at the house in Ezuwlini with the all of the Manzini and Mbabane zone. Also, the Martins hooked it up on a low-key deal with some BABY BLUE POWDER GATORADE! I have been sipping on that stuff like a king this whole week haha. With that, and two division with Elder Mataveis and then with Elder Copitzky I can say just like Ice Cube that this was a good week.

Just for a quick spiritual thought; This morning I was reading in 2nd Nephi and I came across something that made me think. In verse 27 it says that the people of Nephi lived in the manner of happiness and also in Alma 50 we can see that this was one of the happiest times of the people in the all of the Book of Mormon. When I read this, I thought... "How did they get that happiness?? Everyone in this world wants to be happy and these people found it and lived it.. what did they do?"  In all of chapter 5 we can see the things that the people of Nephi did to achieve this level of happiness.
-In verses 1-7 we can see that they faced afflictions without complaining or questioning the will of the Lord.
-In verse 10 they kept all the commandment of the Lord.
-In verse 11 and 15 they worked diligently.
-Verse 12 they treasured the scriptures
-Verse 13 when they began to prosper they avoided pride.
-Verse 16 they enjoyed the blessings of the temple.
-Verse 26 they lived worthily to receive the blessings of the priesthood.

If we want happiness in our lives, we need to do the things that the Lord has showed us over and over through the examples in the scriptures and the things we have learned in our lives. The best thing in my opinion of this pursuit for happiness is that we will fall sometimes. Because we fall we can get back up and be better than we were before. All of this is because of our Savior, Jesus Christ and the price that he paid so that we could have this happiness. It is only through Him and His help that we might be able to achieve the happiness that the people of Nephi enjoyed at this time!

Love, you guys so much! I hope you guys have a great week! I loved seeing all of the costumes from Halloween, everyone looked tooo good! And just because Barb is the best let’s get #HappyBirthdayBarb trending haha

Love you guys,

Elder Chipman

#HappyBirthday Barb! (Written in Siswati)
Nikhosingiphile says happy bday.
Trick or Treat Trigs!

The Soulja Boi of letters.

Manzini, my home 

Had to run down the mountain after this pic cause it started raining too hard. 

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