Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 13 - Liberdade A - "Anti Freeze" - Pac Div

Hey Harry ol buddy ol pal!!

What is good everyone? I hope that everyone is doing well and safe with the snow storm that hit. I also hope that the little kids have a snow day from school and that its better than the movie, "Snow Day" haha.

For ya boys down here in Matola, we running like the 2005 runningback duo of Reggie Bush and Lendale White. So, to say the least things are going great. We are working with lots of great people as of late. We have been teaching Eurico for a while but recently he has been progressing a lot. It has been about 3 weeks since the last time he smoked/drank and now we are just praying that he will be able to work with his boss to get Sundays off. But the guy is really good and it has been cool to see how in only 3 weeks he just looks different. We are also working with a group of sisters, Adelina, Juana and Amelia. They are progressing really well. Adelina is going Greg Jennings and putting the whole team on her back and helping Juana and Amelia read the Book of Mormon daily and answering any question that they have. And then lastly, we got the homie, Joaquim! For a couple of days, we were passing by this one street and contacting a specific area and every time on our way back we would stop and buy ice cream and some popcorn. After about a couple times the kid that was selling to us asked who we were and we explained to him and right then we could tell that he would be good to teach and so we scheduled a visit with him and his buddy.  Now Joaquim is progressing super well! We teach him just right by his stand and always end the visits enjoying some vanilla/strawberry ice cream haha.

So, for the update I would just like to leave a little quote for a spiritual thought and this quote comes from the OG, President Gordon B. Hinckley, "My plea is that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight."

I hope that everyone has a great week enjoying the sunlight that Lord gives to us every day! Love and miss you all!


Elder Chipman

Big ups to Samuel, our fav chappa driver. 

Pre gaming some visits

At Ramida's or Sister Chirenzin's call opening. 

She will be serving in the Brazil, Salvador Mission.
Elder Chipman's good friend Elder Sam Prince is serving in this mission! 

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