Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 3 - Chamanculo A - "We Got The Jazz" by A Tribe Called Quest

First, Go Jazz!

Second, what is up to the family and homies? It sounds like we have been having the same kind of weather as the 801. Saturday and Sunday had some little sprinkles but today the rain has not stopped... that probably rain out our plans for moving apartments today but we will have to see. I am super happy that all videos went through and you guys were able to see them as well.

So, to update you on the week the highlight came from Saturday, with the baptism of Shanaya and Thadeu. Everything went well with cleaning and filling up the font and we had a great turnout with a special appearance from President and Sister Senna. It was great to meet them and talk with them a little bit before and after the baptismal service.  The meeting was great and Shanaya had lots of support there from the Young Women.

On Thursday, we had our final zone conference with President and Sister Koch and in little words... it was great. President Koch left with us all things that he wanted us to remember that we had all learned together and then left with us some counsel as if we were leaving and going home and so for our last encounter it was great to hear from both of them.

The work and the area are going great. We are teaching lots of new people each week and doing most of our finding through recent converts and members and so we are finding solid new investigators.  With all the finding we are trying to do the best with balancing a lot of recent converts. As a little spiritual thought for ya guys this week I will share a little experience that happened this week with Junita.  Last week I wrote telling her situation and concern with paying her tithing well this week she had an amazing experience. On Tuesday, she had ran out of money for transport to get to work, school and church. She told us after waking up late and hurrying trying get ready for work that morning and deciding what to do with her last 7 Met.  She felt something tell her to chill, get her Book of Mormon, read a little and then pray. Well she did so, and in her prayer, she asked for help with her situation. She decided to use her last bit of money to go to work that morning and at work, flustered and worried with what she would do. She got a call from a colleague of her boss. Answering with no desire, she talked with him and he told her that we was going to be bringing a payment by for her boss and then he told Junita that 200 mt of that money would be going to her.... With tearing eyes and Junita's sass she just said to us, "I am a daughter of God." This is just one of the many experiences I have seen in my mission of people that are doing what our Heavenly Father wants them to do.  Even the smallest things in tough situations, and He always without a doubt comes through and blesses them with whatever they are in greatest need of.  Heavenly Father loves us!  He is always there for us!

Love you guys, hope everyone has a great week and a great start to May!


Elder Chipman

oh and p.s. GO JAZZ!

Until next time President and Sister Koch

Shanaya's Baptism

Chamanculo Crew putting in work

Julieta and Luarinda, amazing members!

Xima and Matapa

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