Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 2 - Chamanculo A - "Aint No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye

Alright Sports Fans,

Big shoutout to the Jazz, and bigger shoutout to Phank for his clever tweets hahah! But, it sounds like it was a great week for everyone. Jensen looks like the next big thing in the MLB in his uniform and I loved hearing about all the soccer games and Lane still killing it in Track/Cross Country.

So, the Splash Brothers are back and it was a great full week of work in Chamanculo. To try and help you guys out to understand a little bit about how our area is like I would explain as downtown Salt Lake from about 13th South to about South Temple. And it is like we have the west side and the Assistants have the East side. We are working in very compacted bairros and I have been loving it. The people in our area (members, investigators, and everyone else) are all great! This Saturday, we will be having the baptism for Shanaya which we will be great and we will have busy week with our last conference with President Koch and Sister Koch and then with greeting President Senna and Sister Senna so it will be a dope week.

This past week we were teaching a lot of recent converts and trying to find some new people. Junita a week after her baptism is still doing great and while we were visiting with her we could tell that she had something on her mind as if she wanted to ask a question or something.  We asked and she opened up to us letting us know what’s been going on. She was really concerned and worried about tithing because she is working and going to school right now and every month her entire pay check goes to pay for her school so would not be able to pay tithing from her paycheck if she wished to still go to school. And on top of everything it seems that in a couple weeks her work is going to be going out of business. But, the thing that touched me the most is how much she was putting into practice the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 6:36, "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." She told us because this a commandment of the Lord that He would help her. Elder Griffeth and I just looked at each other, sat back and said to her, "Preach, girl!" haha. This is one of the greatest thing that the Lord has been blessing me with is the chance to meet such great people with such faith that they will forever be an example for my life.

This week as well we had the chance to attend the farewell devotional of President and Sister Koch and Saturday with all the members of the Maputo Stake. I am going to miss them so much and I am going to miss learning from them. Elder Griffeth and I were talking and we both agree that hearing them speak and talk about the Gospel is one of the best things about being around them. Most people get up and try to preach in front of people but they simply just.. talk and are able to connect with the people that they speak with. President Koch and Sister Koch were able to share some stories both funny and spiritual about their lives and how the Gospel has blessed them. President Koch spoke for half the time as the Mission President and the other half as a General Authority so it was super dope. He talked about how humility plays a key and vital part to the church's growth and our growth as disciples of Jesus Christ. He talked about what being humble truly means and what are ways that we can see if we are being humble. One of those ways is being able to take counsel and advice from our leaders who are called by God to serve us. I am so grateful for the President and Sister Koch and for all they have done to serve the Lord as our Mission Presidents.

Sorry for the long email but hope ya’ll have a great week! Miss and love you guys tons!


Elder Chipman

Elder Baker surprised us with a visit from Irma Judite. 

Pedro after climbing up to get some coconuts

The Coconut Crew

Elder Chipman

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