Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 17 - Liberdade A - "And We Danced" by Macklemore

Alright what is good fam?!

It sounds like the rain has been coming down pretty good but it also looked like DEvily and the girls had a beach ball in Hawaii. I also hope that everyone loved conference! Got to give my shoutout of the email to President Koch for being called as a general authority! I am so lucky to have learned from President and Sister Koch for these past 19 months. I am the missionary I am today because of them and their example of dedicated service to the Lord. But, this next weekend will be really fun watching all the sessions, I cannot wait!

So, this week flew by full of divisions, interviews, baptisms, food, heat, and just overall good times! It started with us having a great dinner visit with Sebastiao and Lidia on Monday night. We will be going there tonight as well to celebrate the birthdays of one set of the 3 twins in that fam. Wednesday, we got hit by a huge rainstorm at like 5 in the morning so our planned division with Elder Da Cruz and Elder Francis was delayed until Thursday. On Thursday, I was able to walk with Elder Francis in Liberdade and it was a really good visiting lots of progressing investigators. We ended up switching that night because in the morning on Friday I was going to be heading out to Boane to do a division with Elder Baker as well. So, in the morning we met up and Elder Baker started our adventure in Boane. Boane is the newest area in the mission. It is about 2 hours out of Maputo, 1 hour out of Matola on your way to either Swazi or South Africa and Elder Baker and Elder Kolditz have been doing great work there. The group there, meets and has all of their meetings in the house of the missionaries so it was cool to see their house and work there for a day. We visited a family that lives in an uncomplete house without electricity but have a spanking nice Audi A4 haha and no one drives in their fam so that was chill. After a couple, more visits we headed out to the far side of their area and visited Irma Judite. Irma Judite was practically mine and Elder Griffeth's mother in Beira, always preparing food and what not for us. And she has been in Maputo visiting family and so it was so fun to see her for the first time since I left Beira and went to Swazi. On Saturday, we went to the very firsts baptisms of the area Boane. The baptisms were held at the Matola Chapel and I had the privilege of performing one of the baptisms. And to top of a great morning we had an amazing lunch in the house of President and Sister Massango with them and their family. In short it was dope.

So, with a long update I will just keep the spiritual side of this email short. I would just like to invite you all to read in April's Liahona the talk from Elder Larry R. Lawrence. I legit felt like I was a quarterback again and watching film on the adversary and I was able to learn his strategies and techniques that he uses to have us become all that Heavenly Father wants us to be here, happy.

Sounds like everyone is great! Love and miss you all, have great weeks!


Elder Chipman
Blessed that Gift chose me to perform his baptism. 

The first two baptisms from the area of Boane, Graca and Gift. 

Family lunch at the Massango's

Cooking with Mama Lidia and Jessica.

Sneak Peak at Boane 

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