Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 4 - Chamanculo A –

Alright folks!

How's it?! It sounds like everyone is doing well (except the Jazz) and that makes me super happy! Loved seeing pics from Lane going Marshawn Lynch on her track meet and all the pics from the dance recitals!

This week was another great one for Elder Griffeth and myself. It started off with us celebrating 1 de Maio with Junita and her family. We cooked up a cake for her mom's birthday and had an amazing dinner with them. Tuesday, we had our first zone conference with President and Sister Senna and it was great. We talked about being true disciples of our Lord, Jesus Christ. While we were at zone conference, our house was getting moved.  So, the afternoon and night of Tuesday was spent helping get all moved, unpacked and set up. The new house is a lot smaller than the last house but with just Elder Griffeth and I in this apartment it’s still just as lit haha. We are teaching some great people right now that are progressing super well. We have started to teach Nelio, who is the brother of Suzy who was baptized two months ago. At first, Nelio told us that he would only have time for visits on Wednesdays but as of now the homie wants us to visit him every day #Alma32:28. We are also teaching Antonio, who is friends with Shelton he was baptized two months ago as well.  He has been loving it so far. He has been going to English Class and loved hearing and learning about the Book of Mormon and how one book can bring so many blessings in our lives.

The spiritual thought of this email will come from the example of President Senna. When President and Sister Senna were called, they were asked by Elder Anderson how much time they needed to prepare with a list of times. President Senna paused and then told Elder Anderson, "If the Lord needs me to, I will get my wife and we will leave this second." Elder Anderson then told them that is exactly what the Lord was needing of them. They then received their call to serve as mission presidents in February, when all the other Presidents had been called in August of 2016. I am so very grateful for the examples that Heavenly Father has put into my life and for the lesson that we all can learn from this story. No matter what it is, we need to be ready to answer God's call for us. Whether it is a calling or a prompting to call an old friend, if we are living the commandments and striving to have the Holy Ghost with us the Lord will help us be ready to bless the lives of others.

Love you all!

Elder Chipman

Bem Vindos President & Sister Senna!

Family Night

I suck at shredding coconuts

I gave up too fast!

"Elder Griffeth look cute."

"Elder Griffeth look cute again."

Mundo's Pizza

Teka Famba

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