Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Munhava B - Week 10


What is up everyone?! SO, after a week that went by super-fast, looking back soooo much happened! I will try my best to write all that went down and do it all justice.

Last Monday we had a HUGE family night. We had it in the area of Elder Smith and Elder Beacham. There were a total of 15 people there and it was pretty fun just having a chill family night after a busy last Pday. But, after we had shared a spiritual thought and played some games, we brought out the cake that Elder Smith made and Samuel (whose house is it was) goes in and just started bumping Men Without Hats hahaha. I was hoping that Safety Dance would come on but sadly it didn’t haha. I got some pretty good videos of Elder Beacham hitting the "dap" as the kids call it now a days.

During the week last week we also had a zone training focused on diligence and how we can be more diligent as missionaries and members of the church. After the training we met with Elder Heald and Elder Carvalho (the ZL's) and Elder Nelson and Elder Nielson (yes they are companions) to plan out this Saturday for the weddings and the baptisms. Elder Heald has everything on lock and already planned so on Thursday we will be baking all of the cakes and doing all of the baptismal interviews.  Friday we will be setting up the chapel and all of the rooms for the brides and the grooms. Then on Saturday the weddings and baptisms will be a go. There will be 5 weddings now and about 30 people being baptized. Elder Griffeth and I will be baptizing Afonso and Jasinta along with Angelo and his 3 kids, Angela, Salimo and Marta. Angelo, his wife and kids have been investigating the church since about September of last year. About 4 weeks ago Belita, Angelo's wife passed away. After all of the services for her we visited with them and asked if they still wanted to be baptized and they all said yes! So we planned their baptisms for this Saturday. We were still kind of worried that they wouldn’t be all prepared but after visiting with them all week we are so excited for them to be baptized on this special day. We showed up to church on Sunday and the first people we saw in the whole chapel was Angelo and his kids there all in one row sitting and waiting.

Also, last week on Thursday night we got a call from the zone leaders saying that we had to return home early that night and that we could not leave the house the next day. There were supposed to be protest about prices going up here but it was all a fluke.  So after a big build up not going to be able to go out and me joking that it was going to be the Mozambican purge we got a text at about noon saying we could go out and work.

So one more busy week done and another one starting! I cannot wait for this weekend that will be full of weddings, singing, dancing, cakes, baptisms, and SKYPING!! So I will be seeing all the fam's faces on Sunday night (afternoon for you guys)!! Love you all have a great week and see you on Sunday!

Elder Chipman
"Bright Lights and Family Nights" 
Angelo and his Family who will be baptized this Saturday
Angelo and his Family with Elder Griffeth
Celebrating Klayser's birthday at Jorge and Remina's 

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