Monday, April 25, 2016

Munhava B Week 9- RIP Prince

What’s good fam?? Another week down and a whole lot to share. But first things first... Happy Birthday to the Man, the Myth, The Old Bull... PAPA B!!! Thank you for being the Vin Diesel to our fast and furious family hahahaha. Thank you for being the patriarch to the Dirty 30! I hope you have a killer day and week! Don’t party too hard!
Next, it sounds like it’s nothing but some chill times back home right now.  Glad to know that all the little kiddies are having a fun time with soccer and baseball. Brod is all done with classes, Phank went up to Washington, and everyone is planning their vacations! S/O to all the homies right now getting their mission calls; Nathan Roderick going to Argentina and Andrew Parkin going to Kazakhstan!

So this past week was really good with a really busy weekend! First, on Wednesday, Afonso and Jasinta went to the register with everything they thought they needed to have people sign off for Jasinta. They got their and were told that they need an extra document and another 500MT to sign off for authorization.... Afonso and Jasinta didn’t have the 500 extra MT right then so he called his boss and asked if maybe he could get payed early and after explaining the situation, his boss told him that his brother in law was in charge of the entire municipal. His boss then gave him a call and got everything taken care of for them so.... THEY WILL BE GETTING MARRIED AND BAPTIZED ON THE 7TH OF MAY!!! It is going to be a great day, with a combined 6 wedding and 20+ baptisms for the Beira Zone!

This Saturday was pretty nuts.. We first woke up early so we could go help out at cleaning at our ward. Only thing is that, only Remina (Jorge's wife) showed up.  So it was Elder Griffeth, Remina and I to clean the whole church. Remina probably did most of the work haha. But after cleaning we had to hurry and get ready for the baptism of Tomas and Francisco for Elder Smith and Elder Beacham. We got the church cleaned and started filling up the font.  After about 20 minutes the water stopped working so we had to scramble and find a hose to run in through a window in the church and then into the font. After about 20 minutes of that all of the water in chapel was gone so those who were being baptized had to sit and those baptizing kneeled but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Also, during all of this we were helping Jasinta and all of the other brides to be pick out their dresses at the chapel.

Our water did get fixed so after 2 weeks of buckets showers it was nice to take cold working shower
haha. Yesterday, all of Beira didn’t have power and it barely came back at 9 last night. So it’s safe to say that Sacrament Meeting yesterday was quite hot and a little stinky. But, everything is going great! The days are weeks and the weeks are days and I am loving all of it!

I hope everyone has a great week!! I will close with a quote from Prince, "Shoot the J... Shoot it!" haha Love and miss you all tons!


Elder Chipman  
"Carpi Diem" - Richard Luce
Maybe the cutest kid I have ever met
Munhava Gang!
"Drumline, Nick Cannon, I can't even  count bars bro; Bless,bless,bless make the room get spiritual"-BFA
Helping Jasinta close the banca at night. 

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