Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 6 Munhava B "Park outside the sun, hit the beach, beach bums"‏

Alright yall!! So thank you for the updates on conference. We will be watching the sessions this next weekend on Saturday and Sunday so thank you for letting me know the messages that touched yall, I will be looking out for those. It will be interesting to see how much I can get out of conference this time, than the last time I watched in Portuguese in my first transfer!

But, transfer 4 is over!! Moving into transfer 5 and big news.... Elder Griffeth and I will be staying one more together. It was kind of an up and down week cause we were hearing that Elder Griffeth might be leaving or going but today we got the news that it is official, he will be staying his 6th straight in Munhava B. I am honestly so excited to have another 6 weeks with him.

As for this week, Elder Baker, the companion of Elder Smith, was transferred early so in waiting for a new comp, Elder Smith walked with us this week and we formed the Munhava tripla. We would split time each day in both of our areas and so there was a lot of walking and some pounds being dropped. But with that we still had a great week of work teaching a lot of lessons and.... AFONSO AND JASINTA OPENED THEIR WEDDING PROCESS!! But... there is always a catch. Jasinta is under 21 so she has to get a signature of a family member over 21. Not too bad except all of her family lives in Quelimane which quite a distance... but miracles are real! Jorge, our new first counselor and recent convert, will be travelling to Quelimane this upcoming week. So we will need to program with the Elders in Quelimane to tract down Jasinta's family, get the signature, and then meet up with Jorge to bring it back... If all goes according to plan we will be having a wedding here soon. The good thing is that their process is opened so the other documents that were about to expire do not need to be redone.

Just a quick spiritual thought for this week…

As members of Christ's Church, are we just going through the motions, or are we truly living and enjoying the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Enjoying the Gospel is a phrase I had never heard before this week and it made me think how sometimes we see the Gospel and commandants as do's and don’ts and not as the happiness and way of life that we all have the special opportunity to know during our lives! I hope everyone has a great week. Love and miss you all dearly.


Elder Chipman  

We met a monkey named Chico.
Fed him some coconuts
First encounter with Mango Spiders
Out here eating pastries like straight g's.
PS-- the milk cup is full of expired milk.  Should I drink it?
Sunsets are dope here
Thinking of Newport (haha)
Artsy companionship photo
When your comp has a girlfriend and you don't!

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