Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 7 - Munhava B ''Changes by 2Pac''

What’s good fam? It sounds like everyone is doing great and had a super fun past week with lots of soccer, baseball and artsy stuff. The cherry blossoms looked sooo cool! I bet there were a lot of super dope instagrams taken there haha. Ps happy bday to the young gun Burke! Hope you had a great day and another great week of celebrating!

So this past week has been quite interesting to say the least. For most of the week we were still walking as a tripla and walking the entire area of Munhava. Because of that, Elder Griffeth and I didn’t get the work that we would have like to get down in our area but it’s all good! On Wednesday, we attended the funeral of the father of Alferida. It was all the way out in Dondo so it was a voyage and a half to get out there. The funeral was super sad. There were ladies collapsing because they were crying so hard and sad African tribal music. We have visited Admiro and Alferida a couple times since the funeral and shared some scriptures with them to help give comfort.  Alferida was pretty affected by the loss of her father but when we visit, she is the first to ask about marriage and baptism, which is super cool! Alfonso and Jasinta are doing well! So the situation with getting the signature in Quelimane was kind of shut down because the register in Quelimane was asking for 500 meticais to fill out the document and Jasinta's family doesn’t have that type of money.  So we are hoping that they can get the signature from a cousin that lives close by and that we can have them married and baptized on the 23rd!

Also, the past weekend we watched General Conference! It was still kind of hard to pay attention and understand all the talks being in Portuguese but I was touched by what I felt was the general theme.. Progression. I was really touched by the first couple of talks in the Saturday Morning session and the distance between us and the Lord in our lives. And then I think it was all summed up by Elder Holland's bomb of knowledge he dropped on us as the concluding speaker. Are we going to truly change our lives and apply the counsel that we heard or are we going to let tomorrow and the trials that come stop us? Although I didn’t understand 100% of what was said, the Spirit was still there, testifying. And it will do that anywhere those talks are listened to or watched because all of the talks we heard are Heavenly Fathers guidance and instruction for us. I am so grateful for the chance I had last week, testifying of the power of prophets and then being able to feel that power this past weekend!

Love you all,

Elder Chipman 

Elder Braxton couldn't get the computer he was using to send pictures this week.  His companion Elder Griffeth's mother sent us these pictures from their week.
Chicken Feet!!!

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