Monday, May 16, 2016

Munhava B---Week 12

Sheesh ya’ll these past couple weeks have been a dream so it was nice to have a calmer little bit harder week. But to quote the late great, ODB, "First things first man.." Shout outs to all of the birthdays! Emily and Wrenly, I hope you guys had such great bdays and weeks last week. Elliot, Grady and Diem I hope you guys are getting ready to party for yours and have such great birthdays as well! Also another shout out to the power couple, Brody and Annie, who are chilling like mad villains right now in Cancun, for running the Cottonwood Half Marathon!

Elder Griffeth ended up leaving to Maputo on Tuesday, so that is when we did the switch and Elder Nelsen moved right on in! Elder Nelsen is from Maxixe, Inhambane and he is the first missionary that has left out of his branch/province, so that’s pretty dope. The dude is a straight genius though! He speaks English and French as well as Portuguese. It has been nice though because we have only been speaking Portuguese back and forth. He also is a human MP3 player whenever we are walking in the area and there is some down time and we aren’t talking he will just be singing which keeps me entertained haha. He really has a desire to work hard and his attitude towards the hard things have been helping me out. On Sunday, we headed out to Manga to the branch of Nhanconjo for him to receive his patriarchal blessing and it was an experience that I am so grateful to had been there for. But, we have set some pretty high goals to continue and help our area and ward grow and become stronger.

On other news, I was making it rain, hail and sleet with Bottle Caps, Mike & Ikes and Sour Patch Kids. Honestly, one of the greatest things is getting a package/letters and when they are full of pictures, deodorant and sweetz it’s even better haha!

As for changes in the house with transfers nothing changed besides Elder Nelsen. I am still in a house with Elder Smith, Elder Beacham, Elder Nimmo and Elder Ortiz. Water heater is still broken and for the past couple days we haven’t had a shower so that’s been way chill. The land lord is having to pump out our bathroom to prevent more problems for the house of missionaries that live below us. But, having 3 other houses of missionaries in the same area is way nice and I took my first hot water shower since October on Saturday... yes... tears were shed.

It sounds like everyone is super pumped for the summer and all the little kiddies are still balling it out. I loved the pictures of all the little future soccer stars and Corey, Colin and Devin coaching them! I hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Chipman
Last one for Elder Griffeth......
But the first one for Elder Nelson and I.
"It's pretty good za' too"
Rat on a leash, haha
Family Nights getting rained out.

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