Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 13 - Munhava B - "Aaron's Party by Aaron Carter"

So I am currently watching the Women's World Championship of Ping Pong in the Library right now.. Jieni Shao is looking like she might take the gold today hahaha. But how is everyone doing?? It sounded like the Marathon this past Saturday was quite sucky because of the weather but s/o to Colin, Brandon and Breanne for running. If it makes you all feel better, I haven’t felt cold in 8 months. I hope that all the birthdays were great as well! To all the vacationers aka Devily, have such a fun trip! I can’t wait to see pictures.

So this past week was another good one. The highlight of the week was the big family night that we planned for our ward on Saturday night. It was a little bit rainy this weekend so we were thinking that we might not have a good turnout. But then we remembered that we had told everyone we were bringing cake so we knew people would show. We showed everyone the It's a Miracle video, had our high council member give the spiritual thought about temples and temple marriages, split up into groups and played games.  Then we went HAM on some cake haha. People don’t mess around about cakes here, especially when the missionaries are making them. But, it turned out to be a good night and a fun activity. We are really trying to help our ward come together and I think the family night was just the start. Ps, there was only one fire started during the cake baking process.

Elder Nelsen and I are still getting a long great! It’s nice that when I get a head ache from speaking Portuguese we can switch to English and it’s all chill. I was successful in giving myself a haircut. Our shower finally got fixed and I have found the perfect combination of a quick rinse in cold water to a hot bucket shower. Annnnd most importantly we are still working hard with all of our families and finding new ones. We have been focusing on asking for referrals with all of the inactive members we have been visiting.

It amazes me how full our life is of little miracles. It usually takes me about a day maybe even two to realize the little miracles that our Heavenly Father blesses us with. Right now, I am working on being better at realizing those little miracles and showing my gratitude for them sooner. One of the biggest miracles that I experience every day is how I can feel all of your love and prayers from back home helping me daily. Y’all are the realest and beez kneez so thank you so much for all of the love and support! Hope you all have a great week!


Elder Chipman
Just walking (squeezing) through our area

I got stuck!!!

 The Bthrice Gang

Nike Socks...just in case an investigator is trying to get dunked on.

Elder Couch, Elder Openshaw and I pre-gatorball. 

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