Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 9 Mahotas: "Its not like chiiiillling-chiiiiiiling, but buddy its chilling." -Stoney, Encino Man

Some quick ol S/O's to start off the email! Shoutout to Breannedon for getting all moved in to the new house! I cant wait to come home and have an "Aaron's Party" there while you guys are gone haha. Shoutout to Dev and Emily!! Congrats on the exciting news! First addition to the family since I have left! I wish all the best for the next couple months for you guys! I bet the girls are so excited to have another baby in the fam!

As for my week, it is was how the subject of the email says, chill haha. Nother too cool or just out of the ordinary. Just daily things of working, sweating, dealing with drunk dudes, sharing the Gospel and sharing Mike and Ikes with kids haha. This week Elder Ribeiro and I did work super hard with a couple of long days to make up for the Fridaywe lost cause he had to renew is visa and travel to Swazi for the day. It was just a one day trip and so when he returned late in the afternoon we went to the Mission House so he could have an interview with President Koch. So while they were in the interview, I spent time talking with Sister Koch and ate ice cream hahah. I am always kind of nervous with my Portuguse with President and Sister Koch but I was able to chat and communicate with them and spend some time with them which was good.

Other than that we are really focusing and preparing Alzira for her baptism on the 13th and Armando, Atalia and Elizbeth on the 20th. Hopefully Armando and Atalia will be able to get all of the documents in order this week to open the process so they dont just keep putting it off. But as for Alzira, I dont know if I have talked about her much but she is incredible! She is a mother of a part-member family. She has one daughter serving a mission and another daughter who is a strong member. She was orginally dropped by the missionaries because she didnt have too much of a desire to adjust her work schedule to come to church. But we met with her at the beginning of January and she wanted to change and be baptized. Ever since then she has came to church ever week and been awesome! She is the smartest person that I have met on my mission and it is crazy to be able to see this change in her life and how it has blessed her! The Gospel is true and the Atonement is real. Because of the love of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ we can change and be better everyday! I love this Gospel and I hope everyone has a great week! Challenge for the week; study John 15 and find one way we can apply what we are taught in our lives. I would love to hear what you guys come up with!

Much Love,

Elder Chipman

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