Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 10 Mahotas

Oh sheesh yall, another week down in good ol Mozambique! Nothing too exciting this week just a lot of the same old same old. 

This week we will be preparing for Alzira's baptism which is super exciting but it will be tight getting these last lessons in before her interview on Thursday. Armando and Atalia had another week of troubles getting all of Atalia's documents ready. The power was out for an entire day in Xai-Xai so the register there wasn't able to send all of them to the register in Maputo. SO, we will be probably marking a new date for them here soon, which is sad, but they are still progressing which is good to see. Armando fasted yesterday and we stopped by last night to talk with him to see how it was and he was super funny about how he got home and ate everything he could see haha.

As for last night I probably had one of the funniest encounters ever! On our way home, passing the bar that is super close to our house, I hear a voice yell in English, "Hey are any of you guys from Utah?!" And being caught off guard I stopped, looked over to all the drunk dudes and just pointed at myself. Then I hear, "Oh ya!! My fellow American!!" And from the sea of drunken people a huge dude with dreads pops out, runs over to me and gives me a big ol hug haha. He told me that his name was Helder (pronounced Elder) and that he was Mozambican but he had lived in Washington D.C. for 14 years and that he knew all about our church. I don't believe him at first until he said, "You wont believe it but I supported, donated and voted for... MITT ROMNEY!!" and I just started dying and then he told me that his only goal was to bring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to Mozambique to do a concert haha. After that he told us to come over for a visit to watch the Super Bowl and eat Buffalo Wings hahaha so that is my cool experience for the week. 

It sounds like everything back home is chilling. Lane good luck in your soccer tournament! Safe travels to everyone this weekend! Teags I hope you start feeling better! Have a great week! I miss and love all of you darrells!


Elder Chipman

 Found a dude with a BRXTON shirt, represent
A good evening for some street soccer

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