Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 12 Mahotas B

Ok yall, to sum up week shortly.... I cant!! Sooo much and too much went down!

First, Meeting with Elder Andersen and having the oppurtunity to be present in 3 meetings with him was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life! He talked with all of the members of the Maputo Stake, then with all of the Priesthood Leadership, and then with all of the missionaries. The spirit that he carries with him wherever he goes truly testifies that he is a chosen servant of the Lord and that the Priesthood was restored through Joseph Smith and that God calls and speaks to the prophets, apostles, and leaders of the church! 

Second, transfers were happening a little bit early this week so that any missionaries that would be flying through Maputo would have the oppurtunity to meet with Elder Andersen. I got the news that my boy, Elder Price, (star bball player at Corner Canyon) would be coming to take my spot in Mahotas B to be with Elder Ribeiro. So Elder Price and the other missionaries from Beira flew down Saturday morning and were here by mid-afternoon. So Elder Price walked with Elder Ribeiro and I in a tripla for acouple of days. Saturday, we went the whole night and next morning without power and boooooy was it hot. We all slept on our patio so wouldnt die of heat. Sleeping on the couch cussions wasnt too bad! I felt like I was back in Newport sleeping out on the balcony with Parker and Brody haha. But with Elder Price coming that meant I was going...

Third, I got the news right after the meeting with Elder Andersen on Sunday that I would be making the trip up to Beira on Monday morning! So I will be now working with Elder Griffeth in the area of Munhava A! Elder Griffeth is from Idaho Falls, so he will be my first american comp and is only a transfer older than I am so we will be running and gunning like a more white, less athletic version of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. This is Elder Griffeth's only area on the mission so far so I am super pumped to learn the area from him. But I am so excited for this change and it is a change indeed. Beira and Maputo honestly feel like two complete different missions and its will be hard to adjust at first but it will be could because we all know there is no growth in the comfort zone! To describe the weather here... it feels like I am in Las Vegas, but just with 100% humidity.... so sweat is what I will be doing for I have a feeling for a long time!

As for everything back home.. Cait!!! Holy cow!! I hope you are doing alright!!! I am so sorry that happened| Little kiddies, keep loving school, skiing and playing those sports! Love and miss all of you guys! Have a great week!


Elder Chipman

The Golden State Dupla

Saying bye to Elder Price

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