Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 11 Mahotas

Another week is in the books and it is honestly so crazy to think that I have been working in one area for 11 weeks.. it does not seem like I have been here that long at all! But this week was one with some ups and some downs. First, we had to reschedule Alzira's baptismal date because she didnt make it to an extra interview that she needed to have. So she will now be baptized on the 27 of Feb and she was a little frustrated at first but last night she bore her testimony about how she knows everything happens for a reason and that she knows the Lord will bless with patience. Armando and Atalia have all of their documents ready to open the wedding process and so their wedding and baptism should be close as well. Other than that the work is going really well. Elder Ribeiro and I have been working really effectively trying to find those who are truly prepared to hear the message of the restoration. 

As for a story of the week: Thursday, we did a division with the Zone Leaders and so I was working with Elder Openshaw in our area and we had left right after studies to teach a single woman named Sinah. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and it all went really well until while she was saying the closing prayer she straight became possessed...... hahaha it was honestly top 5 scariest moments of my life! She had started her prayer in English (She is South African so its hard for her to pray in Portuguese) but half way through she switched to Zulu which is her dialect and then after that she started making the same noise over and over and over until she finally yelled at us to pray for her. Not knowing what was happening, Elder Openshaw and I both said a quick prayer in our hearts and then tried to call her name and shaking her a little bit to snap her out of it. She was still making the same noise and rubbing a cross into her forehead. She was sweating and crying and then Elder Openshaw took her hand away from her head and she snapped out of it and acted like everything was fine. She told us that when she prayers that a spirit comes over her and that she can see what happens to people... sooooo ya thats my story for this week haha. Besides all of that everything is super chill. I was able to buy a new camera last week and an exercise band so I can do by high reputation reps and be toned like a young a Brad Pitt. Just joking I am fat hahah.

But it sounds like all is well back home! Glad that everyone had a great time in St. Geezy while supporting Lane at her soccer tournament. I hope that everyone has a great week and try and find oppurtunities to serve others! Stay sweet, stay fresh!

Love and miss you all,

Elder Chipman

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