Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 1 Munhava B "Crankin up the Toto"‏

OK so it sounds like everyone is holding down the hood back in SLC! Jensen, good luck with getting your tonsils out buddy!! I am super jealous that you will be able to eat popsicles all day every day! I  hope everything else is going well for everyone as well!

So with a butt ton of changes this week I will start by answering some questions that I have gotten. I am living with 6 elders in our new apartment. We have a SUPER young house with the Elder Griffeth, Elder Baker, and Elder Nimmo in their 5th transfers. Then it is Elder Smith and I in our 4th and then Elder Ortiz in his 1st. Living with this young of a house is toooo chill cause we are all pretty motivated and all looking to learn. We also live really close with a lot of the other missionaries in the Beira and Manga zone. We live above an apartment of 6 missionaries, behind an apartment of 6 missionaries and two doors down the street from another apartment of 6 missionaries. So we are all jam packed in but it is way fun. We are assigned to the Munhava ward and we have us and Elder Baker and Elder Smith working in the other side of our area in the same ward.

The area of Munhava B is completely different from Magoanine and Mahotas!! Walking through the area on Wednesday, I had to stop for a sec.. I looked at Elder Griffeth and just said, "I am straight up in Africa now!" Our area has two main neighborhoods in it. One feels like you are in a rundown part of Vegas mixed with Detroit, which is the same neighborhood we live in. It has a lot of "prédios" which are old apartment buildings, big roads and palm trees. The other hood we have in our area is what you all picture to be Africa. Houses all bunched together, made out of sticks, rocks and mud. The people are incredible here though! I have had in one week already so many confirmations from the Spirit that the Lord truly prepares people to hear and accept this Gospel. We have a family that will be getting married soon, Alfonso and Jasinta (they are still working to earn the money for all of their documents and the wedding process) who this week we went over the interview questions. After we had finished up with all of the questions, Jasinta asked, "What about the 10 commandments?" I replied and told her that wasn't on the interview questions but I asked what the 10 commandments were and then she rambled off all 10 commandments with ease!! I am so excited to be working with this family, the rest of our investigators, and finding the people that the Lord has truly prepared to hear this message. I have never seen poverty like I am seeing right now but it is a blessing to see how little these people can have but how truly happy they can be because they have the Gospel in their life’s and a testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Other news on the week.... it is super-hot up here!! The humidity is ridiculous but this week we have been blessed with the rains down here in Africa! It started raining early in the morning on Sunday and just did not stop. By the time we had to go to church all of the roads were flooded and yep... the rain still didn’t stop. During church the church started flooding and it still didn’t stop. So all of last night, Elder Griffeth and I were walking out in area with our rain boots straight walking through rivers! It also rained really hard during the night and we woke up today with two rooms and the living room flooded... so that was super chill! We got everything cleaned up so it is all good. I apologize for the long email haha but I love and miss all of you so much! Have a great week!


Elder Chipman

 Alfonso and Jasinta
Biker gangs are too hard here
 Just out here working

Pictures from part of our area.

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