Monday, March 7, 2016

Munhava B--Week 2

Coming at you live from the Slums of Shoalin right now aka Beira! This week was pretty good and went by really fast! The rain stopped on Monday morning so that was nice. The downside is that our area was flooded for the entire week so we had to wear our boots out every day and let’s just say hot days in rubber boots gets a little toasty! But most of the water as all dried up, just "matopi" which means mud. It is funny, here and in Maputo whenever you ask someone how they are, they will respond that they are fine and then with the weather so all we have heard this week is, "Estou bem, só matopi!" haha

Investigator wise all is well! Elder Griffeth and I are working to increase our teaching pool and finding new families! We are teaching two families right now (Alfonso and Jasinta & Feroque and Dina) who have been taught everything but are just waiting to earn the money to open the wedding process. With Alfonso and Jasinta, they had saved up all the money (475 MT) to open the process and then went to the register and found out that they would have to pay an extra 550 MT to close the process 3 days after the wedding... It is sad to say that they don’t have that extra money yet and will have to start saving again. Alfonso and Jasinta are rock stars though and they just had a great attitude about and Alfonso in lesson told us that this was just a test of faith.. How dope is that?? They are so prepared that I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord will help them through this!
Other fun stories; Elder Griffeth saw a goat get slaughtered, skinned, gutted, and then later that same day being sold in the market in our area! The market in our area is called the "Massamba" and let’s just say most of our interesting and funny stories come from walking up and down the street of the Massamba.

It sounds like every one back home is doing great! It seems like everyone is either traveling or planning to travel here soon! So safe travels for Brandon back east this week! Phank go kill it Boston! For everyone else have a great and safe week! I will be sweating here and loving everyone minute of it! The Church is true! Christ is our Savior and I am so grateful that He laid is life down for me so I could have the opportunities I have had in my life! Peace, Love and Blessings! Beats, Rhymes and Life!


Elder Chipman

Awkward Walking  
A quick look at our area

Post Goat Execution
Elder Griffeth and I enjoying rain storms on the roof tops

The beautiful Palmeiras chapel (Beira Stake Center

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