Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ngwane Park A - Rule #2 of Swaziland; "The Double Tap

First thing is first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! I hope you all spend your day in red white and blue, looking in men's bathrooms for fireworks, lighting them off and being dazzled hahahah.
It does seem like everyone is doing great! I am trying my best to stay up on Bdays but it seems like there are 5 a week in our fam so it’s getting kind of hard. But happy bday to Devin on Friday! And to keep in that fam, Teags, have such a great day on Saturday!! I cannot wait to see pictures of your baptism! Also, good luck to Lane and Grady in your guys' soccer tourneys #BallOut.

So everything is kind of falling into place here getting accustomed to Swazi and what not. Elder Souza and I are getting to know the area better and better every day so we are learning the most efficient ways to work it. We will be having the baptism of Kohnsingiphile on Saturday which we are super excited for! He is an example of our goal as missionaries to baptize converts. I am pretty sure that dude read and understands the Book of Mormon more than I do haha. He is golden so it will be a dope day to have a baptism the same day as Teag's!

We also had our "Mission Tour" this week and it was a great time. It started with President and Sister Koch coming down to Swazi on Thursday and taking the new missionaries to lunch and having a meeting with them and the trainers after. Saturday we headed to Mbabane aka Park City to meet as zones with President and Sister Koch and Elder and Sister Ellis. The training's we received were on point and I was able to learn a lot!

I would like to share one of the things we talked about. President Koch recalled a story that Elder Ellis told a few years back the story goes how Elder Ellis was a bishop in Houston and he went to the bathroom one day at the church and when he got to the bathroom he searched the wall for the light switch but couldn’t find it. He was super confused cause he had used that same bathroom 100's of times but couldn’t find the switch so he decided to keep searching, in the pitch dark, he took a couple steps and then the lights turned on. The church had sensors installed haha. Kinda of a weird story but he related it to our lives.. Sometimes we need to walk in the dark and then the Lord will turn on the lights! I was able to relate this story with something I learned in my studies this week. That all of us need to "seek" the light to have it turn on. In Alma 39:14 we learn that we must not seek worldly things because we can’t bring those things with us to heaven. So it doesn’t matter how many likes we get on our insta or how many touchdowns we score. If we want the Lord to turn on the lights in our darkest times we must seek Him and what He has asked us to do. I don’t know why but this story and the things I learned touched me a ton so I thought I would share them!

Hope everyone has a great week! Love and miss you all so much!


Elder Chipman


Found McDonald's

Oakland Ave.

"Too much cold" in the mornings here.

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