Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 3 - Ngwane Park A - Rule #3 of Swazi "Beware of the Bathrooms"

"Alright check it out" - How I Beat Shaq by Aaron Carter haha what’s good fam??? It sounds like it was a great week for everyone! First, Teagan I am so happy to see the pictures from your baptism! You looked great and I hope it was a special day for you! Also, s/o to Phank and Brod for throwing down at the basketball camp. Lane congrats on the big championship. It is my favorite part of the week to hear how everyone is doing and it looks like everyone is doing so great.

So this week was a great week. Started with a dope 4th of July BBQ up in Ezulwine. Big ol ups to Elder and Sister Martins for all they do for us down here in Swazi! We had a good time eating hamburgers, teaching the Brazilians a lil something about REAL football and playing the capture the flag.

The highlight of the week though was the baptism we had for Nkhosingiphile. It was one of the coolest baptismal services I have been to on my mission. It was very small and spiritual. It is the greatest sight to see someone come out of the waters of baptism with nothing but a smile on their face. He asked that Elder Baker to baptize him and for me to confirm him. It was weird doing it in English, but it was a special weekend. After the service on Saturday, we enjoyed Fanta Pineapple and a thick ol chocolate cake that Elder Souza and I baked. My cake reputation is getting out tho... I had everyone asking me to bake them cakes at church on Sunday.

Elder Souza and I also had a great week of finding. With a lot of knocking of apartments we found a super nice family, Arlindo and Sandra. They are Mozambican but have lived in Swazi since 86'. They have a big family with 5 kids and they have been nothing but great to teach. Their 11-year-old daughter, Jennifer has maybe hit me up with some of the best questions I have heard on my mission. So we are hoping and praying that they continue to progress.

Other than that the week was normal. Helping members in the Branch wash clothes, clean their yards and water their plants. The subject of this email makes no sense but I am going in order with the Rules of Zombieland haha the bathrooms here are actually pretty nice. We did find out that our area would be splitting for the rest of this transfer.  So with losing a couple of good investigators and future baptisms there it will all be good cause Elder Souza and I have been working a lot in the areas that we will be keeping.  Thank you to the Spirit on that one.

I hope everyone has a great week! Love and miss all of you!


Elder Darrell aka Elder Chipman

Nkosingiphile, Elder Souza and I
Nkosingiphile and his dad, Pretus
Alex fell asleep even before the family night started
The Harrisons just have us over for cake haha. 
"The Pipe" - the shortcut in our area when we want to save money
I love this place
Yeah, that's just a PS4 and Fifa 16 outside of a Butchery in Swaziland

Elder Watteyne, Elder Price and I
"Os dois mais bonitos em toda Africa"
Elder Feliciana, the kid is hilarious

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