Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 5 - Ngwane Park A - "Smaller Shovel, Smaller Hole" - Zig Zag

Yeeeeeboooooo! (Which means yes in Siswati)

It sounds like the crew is doing good! Super jelly of all the 24th festivities that are going especially the shrimp boil. It's fine though cause I know that no one is going to touch my shrimp eating record haha. More shout outs for Breandon on having a boy!!

SO, Elder Souza and I had another great week. It started out with some motivation which is always nice. In our zone meeting, Elder Baker and Elder Payne mapped out the plan right now for Swaziland and the work we got to put in to get a stake here by the end of the year and yo... it’s possible and yo... it’s going to happen! Swaziland is special place to be right now with tiny and big miracles happening every day for every missionary. One of the miracles we had this week was a lesson we had with Sandra and all of her kids. We called her out of the blue while we were in their area and they said to come by at 6 so kind of preparing on the fly we decided to teach the Plan of Salvation. When we started teaching we asked if they have ever asked one of the 3 questions that the Plan of Salvation answers. Where did we come from, why are we here, and where are we going? We started from youngest to oldest with the kids and all of them answered, "Where are we going after this life." Lastly, the question reached Sandra and her looking at her children, feeling the spirit, started to cry a little and answered the same way. We were able to focus a lot on their questions and how families can be together forever through temples. I am honestly so grateful for the knowledge that I have about the Plan of Salvation that gives me so much peace and hope. And also for temples and the power that was restored by Elijah through Joseph Smith to seal our families together for eternity.

Other highlights of the week; Brother Mbuso and Sister Dthombi had their baby! We dug a garbage hole for the Matsengua family and it was maybe one of the hardest things I have done on my mission. I was quoting Holes the entire time haha. It rained. Finally, the homie Monuwabiso got baptized!!! Monuwa is the son of Sister Matsembula.  We were able to start teaching him while we retaught the lessons to Sister Matsembula and her daughter Nandipa. It was a great baptism service with lots of support from the branch and the missionaries because everyone and their dogs love the Matsembulas. We also celebrated Elder Baker, Elder Wayttene and Elder Nielson hitting their year mark mixed with Elder Baker's bday so that was chill.

We are heading into the last week of the transfer so next week we will have some transfer news. I have a feeling I will be posting up another one with Elder Souza in Ngwane Park which I am so game for. I hope you all have a great week and Happy Pioneers Day! S/O to the Pioneers!

Love y'all, Miss y’all

Peace, Love and Blessings
Beats, Rhymes, and Life

Elder Chipman
Squad Pic
Tell them college coaches I am working out like Tim Tebow,
just trying to get a college scholarship (haha)                  
"5 feet deep, 5 feet in diameter, your shovel is your measuring stick"--
Mr. Sir
Monuwasbiso's baptism!!!
Pink and Blue--Hurris & Gig
Swazi got me feeling like I am in Seattle

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