Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 1 - Ngwane Park A - Rule #1 of Swaziland, Cardio

What’s up ya beach bums?? It sounds like everyone had a great time down in Newport and now gearing up for more summer adventures!

As for my first week in a new country... it was pretty dope. I walked the first couple of days with Elder Baker for him to show me the area a little bit. But... Wednesday was the day that the new missionaries came in. They got dropped off here in Mazini about 3:00 PM and they met with all the missionaries here. Like I mentioned in my last email, I will be training Elder Souza and the kid is toooo legit haha. He is from Beahea which is in the North East of Brazil. I think I hit the jack pot cause the homie already speaks some English! So after getting him settled in and some groceries on Wednesday night we woke up early Thursday morning to help out Brother Mbosu and Thombi with their laundry. Mbosu and Thombi are converts of the one and only Elder Macanige so it is cool to work with them. They just got back from going through the temple for the first time a month ago and Thombi will be having their first child here soon. So after washing some clothes and reading the Book of Mormon in Zulu with her we went to work. I feel like Elder Ramirez hiking hills and mountains all day. As for our area it is pretty huge and I am still getting used to how to work it compared to a relatively small area of Munhava. We have about 1 strong investigator right now who will be baptized soon and a solid family. But, we putting 50 in the clip and trying to find the elect ones. House contacting is the most effective way of contacting here but it’s also super hard cause probably 40% of the houses you will knock the people don’t speak English, only Siswati and get mad at us for not speaking Siswati haha. But, we will get the hang of everything and Elder Souza and I will get this area poppin.

Just to hit you guys up with some of the biggest differences here; 1) its coooold!! I think I got too used to the heat of Beira cause I die at nights and in the mornings here. 2) The food is baller. 3) People here actually can say and remember our names. 4) English. 5) Hills.

The thing I am learning most about all of these changes is that the gospel and the message of the Restoration is universal. It doesn’t matter where you go or who you are, God is our Heavenly Father and He loves us enough to send His Only Begotten, Jesus Christ to die for us. And I know that love because He has given all of us families, scriptures and prophets to guide us in these days where life is "much too hard" as Swazis say. I love this gospel and I love the spirit that comes for serving others. I hope everyone is doing well and that everyone has a great week! I love you all and miss you all!

Much love,

Elder Chipman

Elder Souza and I

Teaching the Harrison's how to make Sloppy Joes.
Oh and you know I made em extra sloppy. 

FHE at the Matsenguas

Preaching for my people of the Zulu Nation

Fish n' Chips and Matthew 4:19

Shoutout to my dude Phank15

Chappas are a little bit nicer here

King Kong ain't got nuffin, PS I did use the outhouse as well hahaha

If I had a VSCO I would post this lolz


Saudades de lonboarding

View of the Chapel

Family Night with Mbosu and Thombi

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