Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 16 - Munhava B - Leite Quente

Alright ya Darrells! It sounds like everyone is having a great time Vacationing while I am down freezing my tush off in 70-degree weather hahaha. I have started topping every night off with some "leite quente" as they say down here in MZ but I just dump a ton of chocolate powder in there and make some hot chocolate with some PB&J's (it’s pretty dank).

This past week was a great one. Monday we had a big ol dinner at Jorge and Romina's for Elder Couch's last family night so we baked a cake for that. Then we got up early on Tuesday to bake a cake for Angelo's birthday and it was probably a mistake to tell Marta that we were bringing cake because pretty much the entire neighborhood showed up trying to bum some. But it was good! Angelo will be receiving the priesthood next week and is so excited.

On Thursday night, the Dobex and Sons Moving Co. was called up again. Afonso and Jacinta moved houses (2 minutes away from the old one) so we decided to help out because we knew Afonso was going to be at work. It was super funny though, I kept telling Jacinta not to pick up anything heavy and she would always say, "How am I supposed to get strong then?” So we successfully help get everything into their new house and will be making a cake for Jacinta this week for her birthday as well.

We sat with Alferida and her niece Luisa this week for the first in a while. Admiro and Alferida have had a lot of problems this past couple months so he left her which is super sad but she is finding the strength to look for a job and always coming to church. We are planning on baptizing her and Luisa on the 9th of July. Also, through a vast search of the depths of our areas we found some pretty nice new families that we will start teaching here this week.

Yesterday I gave my first talk in church since my farewell. Jorge suckered me into giving it during the bishopric meeting last week. I spoke on Jesus Christ and how He is our only way to hope and joy. I am pretty sure it went well but it is not like back home when you give a talk and every one after sacrament comes up to talk to you about the talk. Also yesterday I talked to Rute for the first time since I left Maputo. She is doing super well and just got called to be a primary teacher.

We are heading to the last week of the transfer so Elder Nelson and are going to be working hard to end these past 6 weeks off right. I have a slight hunch that I will be staying my 4th here in Munhava B with Elder Nelson but we will see! I hope all of you have a great week! To the fam... live it up and eat some brown toppers, frozen lemonade and churros for me down in Newport! Love and miss you all so much!


Elder Chipman

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