Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 17 - Munhava B - "When in Swazi"

Alright so I will just get to the big news... I am currently emailing from a different country than Mozambique haha. I have been transferred to Swaziland to work in the city of Mazini, within the Ngwane Park Branch in Ngwane Park A. I will be training a brand spanking new Brazilian, Elder Souza (raris and rovers hahah). Elder Souza will be getting here on Wednesday and I cannot wait to meet him and get to work.

So we got the news about transfers on Wednesday night. They will be closing one of the areas in Munhava so there will be only be one dupla in the ward now. Which means that the Munhava Gang is now dead. Elder Smith and I left Beira on Friday morning after saying goodbye to all of our investigators and the members which was actually super sad. We stayed in Maputo all of Friday and I was able to walk with my dude Elder Price (who came down to Swazi with me) and Elder Donker and went out for Elder Donker's birthday dinner it was a hoot. Saturday morning came and all 8 of us were off to Swazi. Driving down it was Elder Price and I in a car with our dude Nathi. The drive to from Maputo to Swaziland is b-e-autiful. It feels like you are driving through Southern Utah on your way to Cali but just more green and African haha.

Being in Swaziland I feel like I am in America in some parts but in other parts I am still reminded that we are still in Africa. It is so beautiful here though. My area is giant with a lots of rolling hills in a valley. I forgot how amazing sunsets are when they drop behind mountains. Swazi is straight up a different mission. The language, the work, the members all of it is completely different. I am so awkward when I have to speak in lessons just cause I have to translate what I would have been saying in Portuguese. But we have lots of great elders here plus Elder and Sister Martins so I think it’s going to be a good time. It is going to be a challenge but hey there is no growth in the comfort zone.
I hope that everyone is loving it down in Cali right now. Happy Birthday Teagan and Corey!! I hope you guys have a great week!

Sorry for not much of an update on things I am still kind of getting used to everything here so I will have a better update next week! Love and miss you all so much!

Stay Sweet,

Elder Chipman

RIP Munhava Gang

Sunlight Cafe for all of our last lunch in Beira.


Elder Fuchs and I

Airport Selfie

Bday Dinner with Diddy Dirty Donker

Elder Price super confused about his meal

Views from the 7-6

New Village Kings

The new crib

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