Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 5 Mahotas - Pour some out for my lost homies

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! It is honestly so crazy for me to think that it is 2016 and all that happened last year and all that will happen this year! But it sounds like all is well at home! Soooo jealous about the annual candy bar game! And the only reason no one cried was because I wasnt there hahah

This week has been really good! It is still SUPER hot down here but we are almost done with the summer transfer so that is chill. We now have 6 baptisms marked for the next couple of months. 5 of them are one family, Armando and Atalia and their son Ellio and his wife Zormira and then thier daughter Elizabeth. They had been taught a while ago but never progressed. We started working with them and now they are getting all of their documents ready to open the wedding process so they can be baptized! We also marked a date with Rute. She talked with Bishop to see if she was all good with her situation with her ex man, the polygamist. Bishop said she is good so she will be getting baptized on the 23rd of January! Otavio and Cecilia are doing good! And we have a lot of new families we are excited about. Work was a little slow here this week because of New Years. People go HARD here for New Years. They celebrate all day the day of the 31st, 1st, and 2nd sooo it was hard to find new people because most of the people that were out were hungover/still drunk. On the 31st we could not work after 17h (5:00 PM). On the 1st we were trying to find a house late at night and some how we ended up at Costa Do Sol (the beach) and it was bumping! Think of Newport on 4th of July but times 10. Honestly I have not seen so many people in my life. We luckily got a chill lift that when we told him we were missionaries he put on DMX's "Show Me a Sign". Other exciting news is that we had the highest frequency (# of people at church) this Sunday since the wards divided, 124! It honestly felt like the chapel was full. Super cool to be there for that! 

Transfer Update: Transfers have been happening the past two week but we wont "officially" know them until next monday. But they have been moving and switching people early so that people can be set in their zones for the ZL's to implement the new Mission Plan we have. I will most likely be staying in Mahotas B for a second with Elder Riberio. But I am sad to say that Elder Mejia was transfered up to be the outside areas ZL up in Nampula, and both Elder Mcallister and Elder Katoa are going up to Beira today. So there will be a lot of new faces in the Maputo Zone. 

All is well and I am doing great. So excited for all that is in store for 2016! Love and miss you all! Hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Chipman

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