Monday, December 28, 2015

Mahotas Week 4

Ok so first of all MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN!! S/O to Beez and BMads for getting the house!! And also way to keep up the tradition and living super close to home haha. I hope everyones day was amazing and that Santa brought every one the presents that they wanted! I am still in shock from skype haha it honestly felt like a dream that went way to fast for me! But I am sooo grateful for the chance that I had to talk with all everyone and to see your blurry faces! After skype we hung out at the Mission Office for a couple more hours and finished everyones interviews with President Koch. I honestly love President so much! He told all of us in our interviews about our mission plan for next year and I am honestly so motivated for 2016! 

Last week was all a gaint blurr for me because of Christmas and everything but I will try and give an update! All of the families that we are teaching are doing really well! Armando/Atalia and their daughter in law Zormira came to church this week and so we super pumped about that! We marked their baptisms for the 20th of Feb. so now we just have to, week by week, help them set goals to get all they need done to get married by then! Otavio/Cecilia are still my favorite people in the world! Otavio says hi to the fam "with a big hug".  Sorry for the small update but dont have much to update since I talked to yall three days ago! I hope everyone has a safe and a Happy New Year! 


Elder Chipman

With Otavio and Cecilia

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