Monday, December 21, 2015

Mahotas Week 2

Sooo shhheeeesshh yall! It sounds like a lot has happened in a week! Mom, I hope you and your arm are doing well! I am so sorry to hear about your accident but I am glad to hear that surgery went good! A plate and 10 screws?! Mom, I hope you know are my hero and that I will be praying extra hard for you recovery to go smoothly. And I hope that Brett, Evie and Diem start feeling better too! AND WHAT?! Stu Barrett and Maddie are back home?!? That is crazy! It is cool to see that missions end tho haha just kidding... haha all the Christmas cards that I got look great! Brody and Annie.. your guys' is dope so good job on that! 

Update on things here in Mozam; This week was HOT! I am talking like warming up to play Hurricane at Hurricane on their turf field plus humidity hot! And with white washing are area we have had trouble with a lot of lessons falling so we end up contacting in the dead heat of it but T.I.A. (This Is Africa) right? Elder Ribeiro and I are getting along and he has been helping me out a lot with my Portuguese. The Magoanine chapel got robbed this week so that was kinda sad to see but they didn't take much just the clerk's computer and other small things but Sunday every one was there, happy and feeling the Spirit. So one of our families, Otavio and Cecilia, have started doing their wedding documents are progressing really well. Cecilia is leaving by train on hopefully Wednesday to Ghaza where she was born to get the documents that she needs to open the wedding process. If all goes right with them we should be having a wedding and baptism in January for them. One of our other investigators, Rute, she is awesome and so strong for her situation. She is "married" to a dude who has 3 other wifes... and he kinda just bounces around Africa staying with whatever wife he wants. So Rute hasn't seen him for a year and has been on her own ever since providing for her family. We always pass by her house and see her reading her Book of Mormon in the shade next to her baraca and it always puts the biggest smile on my face. We should be having a baptism for her here shortly as well! Other than all is well down here in the durty south! Weirdest thing for me though is that it is so close to Christmas but it doesn't feel like Christmas at all for me haha but I have been trying to get into the Christmas spirit. I love and miss all of you, and hope all is well! be safe this week!


Elder Chipman  

This is me and my favorite little kid in our ward, Tchitchutchi!

Elder Ribeiro and me

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