Monday, December 21, 2015

Mahotas Week 3

Alright y'all week 3 is in the books that means... ITS CHRISTMAS WEEK!! But first it sounds like everyone is doing well and having a good Christmas season. Mom it sounds like you are doing a lot better. Good luck with your first doctors check up tomorrow! Keep being strong and put your trust in the Lord (Moshiah 24:15) and He will ease this burden for you and I am sure of it! I hope every one has a great week and stays safe with the weather and other stuffs haha. 

Update on me one for the week can be summed up in one word: Lobhola!!!!

Lobhola, aka a dowery, is when a husband needs to pay a wife's parents to receive their blessing/permission to marry their daughter. It is usually paid here with either cows or goats... its some straight Johnny Lingo, 8 cow wife stuff haha! But.. Elder Ribeiro and I are teaching 3 families that have Lobhola problems. We are teaching Armando and Atalia who want to get married the same day as their son but their son is having concerns paying but they are a super smart family and understand they need to follow the Savior but are just needing a little help. We are also teaching Xavier and Bacilia and they are a super cool family as well! Bacilia has came to church the past 3 weeks but Xavier hasn't cause he works all day on Sundays which is kind of hard. But we visited Bacilia late last night and we weren't planning on teaching a lesson but I asked if she had any doubts or anything for us and she asked about BAPTISM! Her question was what she needed to do to be baptized so we had to on the spot teach her about baptism as well as the Law of Chastity because her and Xavier are not married legally either. So she was super cool with the lesson but just had some doubts getting married because of freaking lobhola but she said that she has faith the Lord will help her and help her husband. People's faith here is incredible! We also have one other family, Marcelino and Beatriz, but I think if they figure out their problem we can teach them. have them married and baptized by the end of January which is exciting! 

Other than that it is hotter than Ryan Gossling down here. We had a lesson the other day at 9 in the morning and walking home after I had to ran into a bar that had an AC cause I thought I was going to die haha. But I love you all soo much! Cannot wait to talk to the fam this week! Hope everyone stays safe this week and I hope that as we have this week we can truly remember our Savior, Jesus Christ, and acknowledge everything that we have because HE LIVES! I am eternally grateful for all the things I have recieved because of Him, and I am soo happy to have this oppurtunity to be doing His work and sharing this happiness we have with others! Love you and miss you all!


Elder Chipman

Chilling with some future Mozambique missionaries

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