Monday, November 30, 2015

Magoanine Week 6

ALRIGHTY, so first thing first it always makes me so happy to hear how well the whole fam is doing! The CTR run looked soo fun and you guys know I am soo in when I am back! (PS you all looked pretty dope rocking head to toe Nike) I hope everyone had a great and safe Thanksgiving!

This week was really amazing for me to end my first transfer in Mozambique! It started with us having a Turkey Bowl last P-Day with the Matola Zone! My arm was super rusty so I played Randy Moss for the day ("Straight cash homie" -Randy Moss). Elder Macanige and I had a day where all of our visits had fallen and so we went out to the outskirts of our area to contact and the Spirit really helped us find people that the Lord had prepared. We ended up teaching 4 lessons that night with just families we had contacted. Next we had Thanksgiving and holy... what a first Thanksgiving to have on the mission! For lunch we went to the city and ate at Rodizio's. Plot twist it isn’t anything like the Rodizios in America haha we dropped about 1500 Met (pricy) and they got soo mad at us for how much we ate so that was chill. And then Elder Openshaw did a division that day and we worked out in his area. Walking to our first visit had a little bit of an emergency hahaha so I had to ask to use the family’s caso de bano and I wish I would have taken a pic of it! It was two walls with no roof or door with just a hole in the corner and it was an experience! And then later that night it started pouring rain with a giant thunderstorm.

To top of a great week, we had Vicente's baptism Saturday and it was an amazing service! All three dupplas in our ward had a baptism so it was good work for the Magoanine/Zimpeto Elders this transfer! And now we are working hard to meet President’s goal for every duppla to baptize and reactivate a family before the end of the year and we had Benidito and Amelia come to church yesterday so we are really going to work with them over the next couple of weeks!

I hope work and school is going well for everyone! Hope everyone has a great week! Much love from Mozam!

Elder Chipman

After this email came Braxton (Elder Chipman) was able to let us know he was being transferred to the Mahotas Area in Maputo.  He will have a new companion; Elder Ribero who is from Brazil. 

Vincente's Baptism
Cleaning the Baptimal Font the night before the Baptisms
Go Ducks, Go Phank, Go Jazz too! (this little girl is wearing an
University of Oregon shirt)

Hanging with the kids in front of a Baraca!

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