Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 3 and 4 in Magoanine

ALRIGTHY... You will have to excuse me for not emailing last week.. The power here is a little bit slow! Last Monday, the wind was crazy strong and blew out the power in Magoanine! So I am sorry for the worries and the delay.

But for reals it has been a crazy two weeks haha. SO big news, two Saturdays ago our house got broken into. They broke into the gate of our patio that connected to our kitchen and the bathroom which connected to my room. They got away with our fridge, washing machine stove, gas tank and all of our food! So that day we moved out and now are living in the Mahotas house which is actually in our area so it’s kind of nice.  Then, Elder Macanige and I went back to the old house two days later to get something and we found that it had been completely broken into with our other fridge, microwave, iron and about everything else jacked except a box of Book of Mormons. So we were lucky that we have moved out when we did!

Anyway for the work update: Elder Macanige and I are still teaching a lot of families just not a lot of progression which is common here and why we always are finding new families to teach. We did mark two baptisms on the 24th of November (Happy bday Brod) which we are really excited about! It is getting super-hot down here and it is just barely starting.  Apparently December is extra spicy down here which is super chill! I am already rocking pretty dope watch, sleeve and collar tan lines.

I so glad to hear that everyone back home is doing so well! Mom, your bday party looked super fun. Halloween looked like it was blast as always, the costumes were also on point! S/o to all the football that’s going on! Burke, I am so glad that you were able to have a fun season, and Bret good luck in the rest of the playoffs! and HAPPY BDAY TO EZRA! Hope you have a great day!

Not going to lie this last week was a pretty tough one with Mom's bday, missing home, and tough times with the language but I honestly received the most comforting feeling Saturday morning after I listened to Elder Hollands talk from this last conference. And I know it truly was the comfort from all the love I have coming from back home, so thank you guys so much! 

We studied in Ether 12 this week with some of our investigators and this chapter is straight fire. It talks about faith and how through faith all things can be done.  What I was able to get out of this chapter was with all the talking about the miracles the prophets had performed because of faith.  I realized that this is the same faith that we have in our lives. Through this same faith that Ammon and the other prophets had, miracles will happen in our lives. I have learned that little things truly can bring miracles. Faith is a lot like trash talk though, it doesn’t mean anything if we just talk about it. True faith leads to action and then after we act the Lord can bless us. I honestly am so grateful for the small and giant miracles that I have had in my life and the ones that I will continue to have here in Africa. Love you all so much and hope you have a great week!


Elder Chipman 

Get Water of Die Trying
      This field is just down the street from
      the house I am staying in. 
Second to the Gospel, WuTang is for the children!
The road "Costal Da Sol" (This street goes to the beach & hotels
in Maputo)
The Sunsets are amazing here.

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