Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 11 - Ngwane Park A - "Supposed To Be" – Omarion

Happy Labor Day, almost Brazilian Independence Day and Swaziland Independence! It sounds like it was a great week for every one back full of football, Comicon and Shrimpboils. Thats niiiice! hahaha I hope everyone is adjusting well with school and everything starting. Keep grinding to those who are running the marathon coming up! And Beez and Brandon I am uber jealous of your guys' Spain trip coming up.

So this past week in Ngwane Park was nothing but Chillbo Baggins. It started out on Monday after a fun P-Day coming up to the Martins waiting for us with a surprise... They had just gotten back from a trip to South Africa over the weekend and were dope enough to get McDonalds for all the missionaries! Ohhh my goodness I have never enjoyed a Big Mac more in my life and it was perfect coming of the week of my year mark. To celebrate the big ol' year mark in the mission we hit up Ezulwini with the Martins and ate lunch at Ocean Basket. On Tuesday I also received my half way package... Thank you guys so much for all the treats and everything! Then on Thursday night, Elder Tanner, Goes, Souza and I headed to our 1st Counselor's house and had a family night with him. We taught him how to make corndogs and chowed. So as for food this week we ate goood.

But with this transfer coming to a close, it was been really cool to see how much the two branches in Manzini have grown these past weeks. The Ngwane Park Branch especially, has been noticing the growth and all of the new faces that have been coming and I think everyone has got the excitement about missionary work that we have been trying to spark. And a lot of the excitement comes from Nkhosingiphile. I know you guys are probably tired of hearing about him by now but the dude is too legit to quit. His sister Thema, who he brought to Nompilo's baptism, had now been to church twice and has a baptismal date for the 24th of September. Nkhosingiphile also brought one of his best friends to church (Lungelo). We taught him last night and he understood the Restoration perfectly. Also two weeks ago, on a division with Elder Nielsen, we found a Mozambican family that was super nice and receptive (Rodriquez and Fatima). Elder Souza and I returned the next day (Saturday) and then they showed up on Sunday. We were able to teach them twice this past week and they came to church again. They have loved church and the people there. And in addition to all of that we had two Sacrament meetings that were full of confirmations sooo on the Lord's side its "Team us we ain’t worried about you" (directed at Satan hahaha)

So it has been over a year since I have left and seen all of you. It has been a year full of trials, struggles, and hard times. I have never felt more inadequate in my life and never have I ever been so far away from home. But with all of that... It has also been a year of blessings, miracles, and memories. I have never felt more of the Lord's help in my life and never have I ever felt closer to all of you because of the prayers, love and support you guys are always sending me. All I can say is that this past year I have come to know better my Heavenly Father and the love the He has for all of us. I have come to know as well that there are sooo many other things that I could be doing with my life at this point but I know that I am exactly "where I’m supposed to be". The biggest thing I have learned though is that it isn’t about me (Alma 26:12) it never is about us. It is always about others!

Peace, Love and Blessings
Beats, Rhymes and Life

See you in one year,

Elder Chipman
The king himself, Elder Martins
Yay for Packages!
Guys just guess what day it was
"Choked on a jelly bean" - Tum Tum
Half way lunch with Elder & Sister Martins, Elder Smith, Owens & Sharpe
Corn-dogs with Mpilo
More Corn-dogs with Mpilo
And even More Corn-dogs with Mpilo

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