Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 10 - Ngwane Park A - It's Lit! by Kyle

Unlike Kyle I never had AP English so I hope I can keep my flow basic and try and keep my emails entertaining for ya’ll! But it sounds like the whole fam is good!  The shout out for this week’s email has got to go my boy @SammyP3 aka Sam Prince aka the most attractive person to come out the slums of the 801! Congrats on the mission call man! I cannot wait to talk about other people in Portuguese with you hahaha! I know you are going to love Brazil cause I already love Brazil and I have never been there! lolz

To go along with the subject song of the week this week was indeed lit. Swaziland is popping with people because of the Southern African Development Community Summit, the week long festivities of the Reed Dance, a giant wedding that we had at the church, and also baptisms. But all in all this week has been really chill and special.

First, on Sunday we had the baptism for Nompilo and Mfundi (Elder Nielsen and Elder Babu's investigator)! Things were not looking good going into Sunday because we were not able to get Nompilo's baptismal interview in because she started up her job at a lodge (hotel) and because of everything going on she was working crazy shifts. On Saturday, she started working at 3 PM and didn’t get off until 7 AM the next day, Sunday. Nothing but respect for the faith and desire of Nompilo to come straight to church right after that to be interviewed and baptized. Oh and she had to go back to work at 3 PM that same day. But, everything ran really smoothly for the baptism. Mfundi was baptized by Elder Goes because he wanted to be baptized by "Neymar” and Nompilo was baptized by her brother, Nkhosingiphile.  Who was baptized just a month ago. It was soo cool to see how these things have happened and the progression and the plan that the Lord has for us. Preach My Gospel says that our joy will dramatically increase as we are able to experience and participate in Priesthood Ordinances and I know that that is true! The joy of both Nompilo and Nkhosingihpile who had experienced and participated in a Priesthood Ordinance was so apparent and so bright. It is funny to see how all of that joy that they felt came through a simple conversation on the street with the father of Nkhosingphile just two months ago. To sum it all up, I will use the words of Mfundi (who is the Swazi version of Tum Tum) as he got out of the baptismal font, "That was NIIICE!!" hahahah

Other highlights were just setting up for the one nicest low scale weddings I have ever seen. Saturday, we had to help with the tents, tables and chairs and all of the decorations. S/O to Brody and Annie's wedding and the little help I actual did their setting things up because I was able to help improvise with Elder Baker and the Relief Society and it turned out dope. Swaziland weddings are a little bit more low key than Mozambique and a little bit more formal.

Well I think that it’s it for me this week! I hope you guys all have a great week! Keep it lit with the Spirit always!


Elder Chipman

Nompilo and Nkhosingiphile
Nompilo,  Nkhosingiphile and Thema
Mfundi and his family at the baptism
Set up for the wedding
"Too much drinks"
Wedding Crashing with Elder Tanner and Asanda


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