Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 7 - Ngwane Park A - "They were riding the Vapor in reverse." -Stoney, Encino Man

Alright just like ODB I will be taking you back to 79 aka last week with this email haha.

It was a pretty normal week here for Elder Souza and I. Lots of long days and lots of walking. But the greatest thing is that even when you feel like you aren't seeing much success for the work you are putting in the Lord always blesses you. Elder Souza and I were a little down this week on the number of new lessons that we had marked with people that they just totally bailed on us but we were able to make the most of the lessons that we had.

On Sunday, we had a great turnout at church. Orlando, Precious and their 3 little boys (investigators) came to church which is the first time that they have all came in a couple of weeks. We will be baptizing their 2 oldest sons, Nahti and Luck this Sunday which we're super excited about. They have for the last transfer been walking to church by themselves with their 6-year-old brother, dressed in old baggie suits and white shirts, they are the greatest! We will be working with Orlando and Precious to help them progress, get married and baptize here soon as well! We also had Nkhosinigphile bring his sister and brother to church as well. If you look up the word, "boss" in the dictionary you will find a photo of Nkhosingiphile haha. We were a little sad that our other investigator, Donald, didn’t come to church and so we will have to move his baptismal date as well. But the work is coming, people are coming closer to our Savior and we are living the dream preaching this gospel.

Just two small experiences this week that I would like to share that I have come to see as some of the greatest parts of serving the Lord. The first is how the Lord is truly preparing people to hear and accept this gospel! We see it every day and it is a miracle. I cannot even count how many people we have contacted that already have a Book of Mormon or have already received visits from the missionaries or maybe even attended to the church in the 90's. A couple weeks back we were knocking apartments and a girl (Nomphilo) opened the door and told us that she just worked there and that the owners were not home. After asking a little bit more about her, she told us she actually grew up coming to the church and her parents are part of the Fairview Branch and for some reason was never baptized. Last week we brought Nkhosingiphile with us to teach her and it just so happens that they (Nkhonsingiphile and Nomphilo) are brother and sister... like what??? We taught her the Book of Mormon and it was such a great lesson. We are now planning on baptizing Nomphilo, here in a couple of weeks.

The second of the many blessings that comes from missionary work are the relationships you develop with people. In this case with recent converts. On Saturday, we went to the church so that Elder Souza could teach Nkhosingiphile some piano. After that and helping with cleaning the church all 3 of us headed to KFC to grub. So from walking and teaching lessons earlier in the week, to eating KFC, and then to Sunday seeing him in white shirt and tie, blessing the sacrament for the first time was pretty dope! It is amazing what this Gospel can do in the lives of the people that embrace it. Nkhosingiphile, who first was very skeptical about the church and especially about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, is doing all that he can to live this gospel and is seeing the blessings.

Missionary work is dope. This Gospel is true. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us. Facts on facts on facts.

Miss you all and I hope everyone has a great week!

Love from the 76,

Elder Chipman

Brother Mbuso and Sister Dthombi with their new addition Linda. 
Helping the Matsembulas wash some clothes
Washing clothes or a foot massage?
"It looks like we are in the teens...somewhere" - Ghostbusters
Brown Toppers bring out my Kyle Mooney

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