Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 12 - Ngwane Park A - "Blame It On My Youth" - Brothers From Another

Dun-nuh-nuh Dun-nuh-nuh!

Coming in live from ESPN 8 The Ocho, we have transfer news!
So my family and friends, I have gotten picked up on a Free Agent signing to serve in the area of Fairvew B. I will be serving with Elder Feliciana, who is from Santa Catarina, Brazil! I am honestly so excited to be serving with him. We were joking two transfers ago that we would be comps one day but we never thought it would actually happen haha. The kid is too funny and a great missionary so I am super excited. Also the Fairvew Branch is popping because all of the work the missionaries have been doing there. I will be moving houses, but I will be just moving downstairs to the bottom apartment. I have some big shoes to fill so let’s see how it happens when it does (Kyle voice). But with transfers we have a ton of missionaries leaving our zone and going back to Mozambique which is super sad and I am sad to be leaving Ngwane Park and all the things we got going there but I know that Elder Souza will keep doing his thang over there.

This past week, with everyone stressed about transfers, it turned out to still be a great one and filled with lots of service. On Thursday, all the missionaries in the branch headed out to help the Kunene family move, that just got baptized last week move (They got kicked out of their house cause their neighbor doesn’t like the missionaries) But it was really fun to help them move and a good time being with them cause they one of the coolest families ever. So after sweating, lifting, and fighting cockroaches and spiders we got them all moved. On Saturday we had our branches, "Mormon Helping Hands" it was planned on the fly so we didn’t think they would be a big turnout but it turned into being a great activity with all the missionaries, the members and the Martins. We helped clean up trash and spiffy up an area here in Swazi. Service honestly brings such a special spirit. Service has the power to soften the hardest hearts and the stiffest necks and lets others feel of Heavenly Father's love.

And lastly, I will be hitting the big 2 0 this week and all I can say that it has been a ride hahaha. Thank you to the fam and all the friends who have stuck with me for this long. I know I was a strange baby, who would smack my head against the ground and I know that I was kinda of a tool throughout my adolescence (probably still am) but you guys have made the biggest impact in my life through all the love and support no matter what. It’s been a good 20 years "rolling with the troops, breaking all the rules, and blaming it on my youth".

Have such a great week, miss and love all of you!


Elder Chipman   

Elder Souza baked muffins for Donald's (investigator) birthday.
Saying goodbye to my favorite Indian who would hook it up with free cokes.
Dobex and Son's Moving Company, Swazi Edition
Elder Tanner and I being strong guys and lifting a fridge.
Saying goodbye to my friends at the butchery haha
Letters from Russia shoutouts to Elder Tucker

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