Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 2 - Fairview B - Workout by J Cole

Another week down and it sounds like it is all good in the hood back home! It looked like Haddie's bday party was too much fun. I am super jealous I missed out. Beez and Brandon, my comp just died because he saw the pic of you guys in the soccer stadium, ps. he is currently wearing a Barcelona jersey as well haha.

As for the week for team Feliciana & Chipman aka Messi & Ronaldo it was a great one. We were able to get lots of work done and had lots of fun things going on. First, our week started with us heading out Ngculwini which is the farthest part of our area. We jumped on a kombie and took about a 45-minute ride out there. While we were out there we visited legit some of the strongest members I have ever met. First, we visited the Ntchali family and then we visited Sister Mamba, who was in an accident a while back and had one of her legs amputated. After walking around and taking some pictures we called it a day. The rest of the week was full of divisions because Zone Conference and the Assistants being down and staying with us. So first, I was able to walk with Elder Payne, one of my best friends on the mission, on Thursday. And then after Zone Conference I walked with my dude Elder Mataveis. Zone Conference was pretty dope and its always a great time being with President and Sister Koch and the other missionaries. We had a long day of learning and practices but it was all worth cause of the lunch and all I was able to learn. Also, on Saturday we were able to go to Thema's baptism (my old investigator from Ngwane Park) and it was another special day seeing how much the gospel can bless someone's life and bring them to making a special promise with the Lord. It was also super cool to watch Nkhosingiphile baptize another one of his sisters. I don’t have words to describe that guy.

One of the things I was able to learn this week at zone conference was kind of a formula that we need to have with our areas, districts and zones to have real growth. But to apply it a little bit better we can use this formula in our lives personally, in our families, in school or at work. What the formula all comes down to is that in our lives and with others we need to show "High Love" and have "High Expectations". When we have these two things we will be able to grow not just personally but help others grow as well. Just as the Savior, who is the greatest example of love that has ever lived. He had to do many things, such as clean the temple or teach His apostles the way to show His expectations for us. So for my message to all of you is to let us all remember the amount of love and the expectations that our Savior has for us and let us strive to show that same love to others in all that we do!

I hope everyone has a great next week especially with General Conference! To Barb, Colin, Dev, and Brody good luck with the marathon this weekend! I will be with you guys, not running, but watching from the sidelines in spirit hahaha (I’m out of shape lolz) But I already know that you guys are going to kill it! Also, Happy Birthday to Annie! Hope you have a great week and a great day!

Love you guys so much,

Sorry for the boring letter this week.

Elder Chipman

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