Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week One--First Email on the Mission

Here it is the first email of the mission!
Not going to lie... getting dropped off was real hard for me but it made it all better when the first thing I saw after I got all of my tags and personal stuff was a 6'4 blonde Russian tackling me, it was Elder Tucker after that I knew I was going to be great! I saw Elder Binford my first night too! I see Elder Du Randt occasionally going to and from lunch and gym time. They are all doing great!

My companion is Elder Teela, he is from Missouri and will be serving in the Cape Verde mission. He is a Darrell but I love him to death! He is so willing to help everyone out and really wanting to learn to teach the Gospel which is awesome! I'm in a room with my companion and 4 other elders... So 6 of us in one room and it is a blast! We all get a long really well! We have 11 missionaries in our district, 8 elders and 3 sisters and I'm so grateful for my district cause they have definitely made it an easier transition. I was called to be District Leader on Sunday and have already got the opportunity to help some struggling missionaries out and through the Spirit's guidance I was able to help them out and everyone is doing great now. There were some Mozam. missionary visa waiters from the previous transfer that were still here that left today that I was able to get close with in just 5 days. Elder Price was one of them. He played basketball at Corner Canyon and is the man! We are super similar and he was able to show me the ropes of the MTC and mission life. 

Language wise I'm doing ok! I can understand what I hear a lot better than what I can speak... but it will come! I just have to keep working hard and praying for the gift of tongues! Our teacher Brother Workman is such a cool guy and a great teacher! He hasn't said a single word in English though haha. Elder Teela and I have already taught 3 lesson (in Portuguese) to our investigator Felipe and have him committed to be baptized! Hopefully he doesn't get cold feet but we will see. I love being able to bear my testimony in Portuguese! It is so powerful and I feel the Spirit whenever I do. 

We had some other cool experiences in the past 6 days so here are the highlights:
1) The first two days we had seminars called, "People and Our Purpose" and it was all about seeing everyone through Heavenly Fathers eye and was great.
 2) This Sunday was such a special one and couldn't have been better! It was fast Sunday so we were able to hear all of the more experienced missionaries in our branch bear their testimony's. We also had Mission Conference which is basically like General Conference but just in the MTC. 2 of the talks were about the importance of tithing and the power of the temple (D&C 109) which is personal to me because both of those things were talked about in my setting apart! (S/O to Brody for the letter to remind me) We also heard from the Provo Temple president and his wife at the Sunday night devotional and were able to watch the, "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar.

 Remember to write me, I would love to hear from you all! Pictures/picture books would be awesome as well! Just so I can show off in the MTC and show the people of Mozambique where I come from. 

I love you all, and cant wait to hear from you guys!
This Gospel is truly amazing and is the truly the way to eternal happiness!

Elder Chipman

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