Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 2 in the MTC

Week 2 is down! And it went by super fast!

Quick weekly shout out:

S/O to PChip12!!!!! So happy for you man! Cannot wait to hear all about your experiences up in Oregon. You are going to kill it!

Alright time for the run down of my week. Everyone in my room has been coming down with a bug that is going around the MTC. I'll sum up how they were feeling through the words of Elder Sperry (one of my roomies), "I feel like Ray Rice's wife..." "I feel like Magic Johnson's white blood cells..." "I feel like Mexican tap water..." The kid is hilarious!! But on the real pray that I don't catch it too.

Sunday has been my favorite day so far in the MTC. It was Elder Binfords bday and Elder Tucker, Du Randt, Binford, and I all ran into each other on our temple walk and then had the chance to party it up in Elder Binfords dorm that night MTC style (so basically we just talked lol) The best part of Sunday though was the spirit that I felt the entire day! We had the opportunity to hear from President Hutchings during sacrament and he gave a great talk about how feeling the spirit is like muscle memory. That talk set up the entire rest of the day to be good! Sunday night we had the opportunity to watch Elder Holland's, "Missions are Forever" and holy cow, I don't think ive ever been more motivated! Take the halftime scene from the movie Friday Night Lights and mix it with the Remember the Titans speech and you have this talk. Elder Holland talks about not missing our chance. He says, "These next 2 years of serving the Lord will be the closest thing you will get to REAL LIFE, so don't miss it!"

That talk added in perfectly with the message of the week for me, humility. In all that we do, especially missionary work, we must be humble. Humility towards the Lords means that you are confident that you can do whatever the Lord requires of you if you rely on him. I love at the start of the Book of Mormon when Nephi always says that he knows he is big in stature aka jacked but he puts all his strength in the Lord. And although I am losing all my muscles in the MTC... never have i ever put more strength in the Lord. I know that through humility and putting our strength in the Lord, the Spirit will be able to guide us through anything we are going through and that people will be able to Christ through us!

I love this Gospel, and I love all of you so much! Email/write me I would love to hear from all of you! Hope everything is going well with everyone back home!
Elder Chipman

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