Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 3 is in the bag!

                                       Look who showed up for a B-Day Visit

                                        Birthday Stash!!!

 Elder Wake aka Dwayne from the Mighty Ducks, Elder Florez, Herbert, Ellis and good old me.   This is after our floor's Tie Draft.

                                                The spoils from the Tie Draft.

Weekly S/O's for all the B-DAY wishes and packages! I loved seeing all the pictures and letters from the little kiddies and the treats were on point as always! Bret, that beef jerky you sent... HOLY COW! It was dang good man, thanks for sending a little piece of heaven my way lol. Also S/O to Holly Daugirda for the cake and Taylor Monson for the care package of goodies!

So the weeks are starting to fly by here! The days are super long but they go by quickly if that makes sense. 

Last Tuesday we got the chance to hear from Sister Rosemary Wixon/General Primary President.  She gave an amazing talk about how in missionary work we can either be Nephi or Laman and Lamuel. Its funny because Brody forwarded me an email about 2 weeks before I left talking about the same thing! I'm honestly so grateful for the examples I have in my life that has helped me get to this point and make it easier for me to strive to be like Nephi.

No real highlights this week but just a cool thought I had last night while we were talking about the Gift of Tongues in class. So for 3 weeks now I have been working so hard to learn Portuguese but then I realized I have had the wrong mindset the entire time. I realized that I was working/struggling with Portuguese for myself. So that I could communicate, so that I would be able to teach lessons. And that is not at all how it is supposed to be! I am working/struggling with Portuguese for the people of Mozambique. So they can hear the Gospel and feel the happiness it brings. This attitude can apply to everything we do in life. As we humble ourselves and reflect outward, like Christ, and walk the way he would have walked then we truly will be able to see him helping up every step of the way! 

I thought it would be cool to bear my simply testimony in Portuguese for y'all so here it goes

Eu sei que o Livro de Mórmon é verdadeiro, e Josepsh Smith foi um profeta de Dues. Eu sei que temos um Salvador en Jesus Christo and Ele amo nos muito e através de o Evangelho podemos vivir con nosso familhas para eterna. 

Love you guys so much! Can't wait to hear from you all more.
Missions are dope, Portuguese is chill and the Chruch is true!

Mutio Amor,
Elder Chipman

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