Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 9 - Liberdade A - "Definition" by Blackstar

Alright if I had to describe this week with one athlete it would be Dominique Wilkins cause this week was just full of highlights so I will try my best to share all the slammers and the ones that are worth 3 with ya guys hahaha.

So, last Pday was probably the Pday where I did the most things in one day. Elder Barros and I were looking to just kill it and that’s what we did. After using internet, we got our breakfast (bread with bajia and juice from sugar canes) and then he hit Costa Do Sol and went bowling which was super fun. And then on the way home we hit up Pizza Hut.. yep there is a Pizza Hut here and it was my first time eating there and it was dang good! So, it was a successful Pday!

Tuesday, we had Zone Conference at the Mission Office with the Maputo, Urban and Matola zones and it was probably the best zone conference that I have had on my mission. We talked a lot about the Missionary Broadcast and the new things we would be applying in our mission but the second half was all focused on how we need to help our investigators have an experience with the Atonement of Jesus Christ and we do that by teaching repentance and so that way we can baptize converts. President Koch was able to put that into terms for us not meaning that we have to slow down our work but to increase as well because, and I know this to be true, the Lord has prepared Africa and Mozambique for this time to accept the Gospel and grow at the rate that it has been.

Wednesday, Elder Barros and I had the chance to do the division with the AP's. Whoever I would have walked with would have been dope because Elder Combs and Elder Payne are my guys but I worked with Elder Payne in Liberdade and we had such a great day together. While calling, and confirming visits most of the things we had planned for that afternoon fell but shout out to Elder Payne for helping keep a good attitude.  We decided to go out and contact a certain area that is close to our new chapel and we were able to find 12 new investigators back to back to back to back in visits so it was a super cool day.

And now for the biggest highlight came from yesterday and the Maputo Stake Conference. Having already served in two other wards in the stake I knew that I would see some people that I had worked with and knew.  I had no idea that so many people would recognize me and be so excited to see me just because of the short time I had in Magoanine and Mahotas it was amazing. I was able to see Rute, who was baptized when I was Mahotas.  Pedro, who was baptized a week after I left.  Yuren, who I walked with all of the time.  Vivaldo, the ward mission leader in Magoanine who helped me out a ton at the beginning of my mission and many others! It was one of the coolest things that I have experienced in my life and to combine it with one of the best church meetings that I have been a part of it was a special day!

So, there is my 1990 NBA Dunk Contest of a week for you guys haha. It sounds like all is going well back home! Thank you, guys, for all your prayers and support! Goal for the week when we are stressed/pressed/overwhelmed/in need of anything let’s spend more time on our knees praying then on our feet worrying!

Love you guys,

Elder Chipman
Telez had us over for a lunch to celebrate his grandson's bday
and it was super nice!!

Lunch at Telez and Maria's

The Dos Santos family from Magoanine!
They helped me out so much when I first got to the mission
and their son/brother is my good friend Juice who
is now serving in Durban. 

RUTE!! Nothing but tears when I saw the wonder woman!
Such a blessing to see her ans see the light of Christ
shining so bright through her!

From right to left: Vivaldo from Magoanine, Yuren from Mahotas,
Pedro and his sister Lilianna from Mahotas

Bread and Bajia...aka the best breakfast ahha.
Bajuia is basically African tater tots. 

Matapa with Shrimp is too dope!
(that green stuff)

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