Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 11 - Liberdade A -"Good Company" by Brothers From Another

Shoutout out to miracles! I am so glad to hear that Phank is all good/safe and that the rest of the family is doing great! So, grateful for the Lord's hand that is in all of our lives to give protection, comfort and peace especially in times that we need. Even when we feel like we don't deserve it, His love is always there!

But for the week down hurrr in Liberdade was a good one! Props to our Ward Missionary Leader that went to the church at 6 AM to start feeling up the font, all the baptisms happened this weekend! Cacilda (from our area) and Raibo (from Liberdade B) were baptized with two others from the Matola and Mozal wards. It was a great day and like always it was the best to hear the testimonies of those who were baptized.

During the middle of the week we got news that... STUFF WAS GOING TO GO DOWN! We heard that there was going to be a huge cyclone hit Mozambique and destroy everything. After being sent to pick up some emergency food, back home because it was unsafe and then back to work cause it wasn’t going to hit in Maputo for a while we realized that it never was going to hit haha. Sadly, the cyclone did hit with some strength in the providence of Inhambane. The missionaries there are all safe just a couple damages to their house and I know that they are doing lots of service to help out the other houses that were affected.

Yesterday at church was dope as well! The most investigators I have ever had in this area showed up to church and it was great to see how the members helped out every single one of them. We were waiting for sacrament meeting to start and we looked out and every investigator had a member sitting right by their side and talking with them waiting for the meeting to start as well. Shoutout to members! If you guys are ever at any church meeting or just anywhere and there seems to be someone struggling, uncomfortable or a little bit lost.. sit by them and put yo arm around them and make a new friend!

On a spiritual note, we had a Leadership Council this past week at the Mission Office and let’s just say we had a physical and a spiritual feast! Ups to the secretaries for prepping some dank food for us but the best part was that I was able to take away a lot from what we learned from President Koch and Sister Koch. So, grateful for the best Mission Presidents in the world. The biggest thing that I took away from it all was when President Koch was talking about being agents and acting, rather than being objects and being acted upon (2nd Nephi 2: 26-27) No matter what are situations are... even the ones we can’t control (our genetics, living situation, etc.) we can always choose and we can always act! Sometimes it might not be in the right way but because of our Savior and His sacrifice we make up for those wrong actions that we may make.  Repenting does not mean just being put back into the same place that we were before like taking steps backwards but it is actually progressing and is truly taking steps forward.

So, grateful for all of you and for the support everyone is alley oopin down here in Mozambique! #6monthsleft #4thquarter #Kobe!

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Chipman

Cacilda and Raibio's Baptism

Some pics from a family night at Sestia's and Lydia's

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